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Which Samsung dishwasher is best?

Most people lead busy lives, which can make finding the time to clean so much as a bowl and a spoon by hand a difficult prospect. Dishwashers from trusted brand Samsung are loaded with extra features to get your dishes sparkling clean with little time and effort from you.

If you’re in the market for a brand-new one, consider the Samsung DW80R9950US 24-Inch Top-Control Dishwasher. It has the quietest operation of all Samsungs, as well as a roomy capacity and plenty of cycle options. It also has top controls, leaving the front beautifully unblemished.

What to know before you buy a Samsung dishwasher

Top control vs. front control

Samsung dishwashers place the controls on either the top or the front of the door.

  • Top controls keep the front of the dishwasher seamless, a priority for those who want a slick and thoroughly modern aesthetic. However, you can’t control the dishwasher unless you open the door.
  • Front controls let you make adjustments to your dishwasher while it runs and frequently mean you can better monitor its progress. You do have to live with all the dials and buttons being on full display.

Capacity and configuration

Samsung dishwashers’ capacity and configuration determine how many and what kinds of dishes you can wash.

  • Capacity is consistent between Samsung models as most can handle 14 or 15 place settings. A place setting typically includes one large and small plate, a bowl, a cup and saucer, a glass and cutlery.
  • Configuration comes down to two aspects: how many racks and if any racks are adjustable. All Samsung dishwashers have at least two racks, but some have a small third rack on the top that fits things like cutlery and measuring spoons. Some Samsungs have adjustable upper racks so you can fit extra-large dishes, pans and the like as needed.


Most Samsung dishwashers use a stainless steel front, plus many are fingerprint-resistant. They come in black, silver, white and occasionally brown. They may also have a handlebar on the front for hanging a towel.

What to look for in a quality Samsung dishwasher

Noise generation

Trying to watch TV or listen to music while your dishwasher thunders in the background is a frustrating experience. As such, the best Samsung dishwashers focus on lowering the average decibel generation. The quietest is 39 decibels while the loudest is 55 decibels, which is a little louder than a library and a little quieter than an average conversation respectively.

Energy Star

Dishwashers use a large amount of water and energy, which is why it’s important to pick one with Energy Star certification. This means the dishwasher has passed a series of independent tests that show a decreased carbon footprint and lower energy bills. Most Samsung dishwashers have this certification but double-check to be sure.

How much you can expect to spend on a Samsung dishwasher

They can cost as little as $600 or as much as $1,200 mostly depending on noise generation. The loudest cost roughly $600-$800 while the quietest cost roughly $1,100-$1,200. The average cost is $700-$900. 

Samsung dishwasher FAQ

Do I have to use special dishwasher detergent or can I use regular dish soap?

A. You do need to use a dishwasher detergent, as they’re specially designed not to get sudsy. Using regular dish soap instead can see your dishwasher overflow and leak those suds everywhere.

Do I have to clean my Samsung dishwasher?

A. Yes. Over time, some of the food remnants can back up in the drain or get embedded on the walls. This can cause your dishwasher to not only stink but fail to work as efficiently as it once did. Don’t worry, cleaning is easy.

Start with your drain by digging out any large pieces, using a drain de-clogger or both. Then place a dishwasher cleaning tablet in your dishwasher’s soap dispenser and run a normal cycle while it’s empty.

What shouldn’t go in a dishwasher?

A. There’s a surprisingly long list of things you shouldn’t run through a dishwasher. Some of the most common are:

  • Wood
  • China and other delicates
  • Plastics that aren’t marked dishwasher-safe
  • Nonstick pans
  • Cast iron

What’s the best Samsung dishwasher to buy?

Top Samsung dishwasher 

Appliances-Best Samsung 24 inch Tall Tub Dishwasher

Samsung DW80R9950US 24-Inch Top-Control Dishwasher

What you need to know: This is Samsung’s quietest and roomiest dishwasher.

What you’ll love: It only generates an average of 39 decibels, which is about as quiet as a calm suburb at night, and it has a small third rack for extra capacity. The door automatically pops open to speed up the drying and cooling process.

What you should consider: A few consumers received damaged parts or exteriors. Others had issues with leaks or the door failing to automatically open.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

Top Samsung dishwasher for the money

Appliances-Best Samsung DW80R2031US 24-Inch Top-Control Dishwasher

Samsung DW80R2031US 24-Inch Top-Control Dishwasher

What you need to know: This budget Samsung dishwasher still has plenty of features.

What you’ll love: It generates an average of 55 decibels which is a little quieter than the average office. The upper rack has an adjustable height so you never struggle to fit your biggest dishes. A digital sensor turns the dishwasher off at the first sign of leaks.

What you should consider: A few customers had issues with the dishes not drying fully. Others found the leak sensor or other components would stop working.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

Worth checking out

Appliances-Best Samsung DW80R5060US 24-Inch Top-Control Dishwasher

Samsung DW80R5060US 24-Inch Top-Control Dishwasher

What you need to know: This is the perfect choice for those who need high capacity for a great cost.

What you’ll love: It generates an average of 48 decibels which is about as loud as regular rainfall. It has a small third rack and the middle rack has an adjustable height, plus it has a mix of 12 total wash cycles and cleaning options.

What you should consider: A few purchasers noted that the third rack doesn’t always get clean. Others reported the rinse cycle needing a rinse aid.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

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