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Which copper kitchen sink is best?

A copper sink is a beautiful addition to your kitchen and adds a homey, rustic charm. Copper sinks are experiencing a revival popularized by modern farmhouse decor. This traditional sink material is not only stylish but also naturally antimicrobial. 

Copper sinks often feature exposed fronts and deep basins, known as apron sinks, and come in drop-in styles. For a classic hammered look, the Sinkology Lange Farmhouse/Apron Kitchen Sink is the top choice.   

What to know before you buy a copper kitchen sink

Apron vs. drop-in sinks

Copper sinks were first designed for farmhouses during the day when running water wasn’t accessible. This is why many farmhouse-style copper sinks feature deep basins that can hold a lot of water. They also have fronts that extend down over cabinets and are known as apron sinks.

If you’re not interested in an apron style, drop-in sinks work with countertops that have a sink cut-out and are easy to install. They offer a more contemporary look. 

Copper gauge

Copper is a soft metal, which means it must be thick enough to be durable as a kitchen sink, especially as a high traffic spot for cookware and cutlery. A copper’s gauge is the measure of its thickness. The lower the gauge, the thicker the metal, and typically, the more expensive and durable the sink. You can find copper sinks between 12 to 20 gauge. 

Copper purity 

Not all sinks that are advertised as copper are pure copper. The best ones are 100% copper, though you can find a high-quality model at 99% purity. Sinks that aren’t all copper can contain sealants that interfere with the metal’s natural properties. 


Copper sinks can measure as little as 12 inches to as long as 60 inches. For many users, a 30-inch long sink is big enough for their kitchen. If you’re purchasing an apron-style sink, the aprons are typically 10 inches high, though you can find retrofitted ones at around 7 inches high. The depth of a sink is also a consideration. The average depth is 9 to 10 inches for copper sinks, which is a bit deeper than your average sink. 

What to look for in a quality copper kitchen sink

Number of basins

You can find single and double-basin copper kitchen sinks. Sinks with one basin provide lots of space for your pots and pans. Some users prefer sinks with two basins to use one for soaking dishes and cookware and the other for washing and rinsing. A double-basin model is also nice for installing a garbage disposal in one basin and a regular drain in the other. 

Basin split

If you’re opting for a double-basin model, the split isn’t necessarily straight down the middle. You can find a 60-to-40 split or a 70-to-30 one, which leaves one basin smaller than the other, which users find helpful for food prep or cleaning. If you’re a fan of symmetry, you can also find a 50-to-50 split. 

Smooth vs. hammered

Copper sinks come in either a smooth or hammered finish. A smooth finish usually means the model has been mass-produced, and it provides a contemporary look. A hammered finish usually means the model has been hand-hammered. This finish gives your sink a down-home, rustic appearance and also hides dents and scratches better than smooth copper. 


Copper apron sinks can feature elaborate scrollwork or floral designs on their exposed front. These ornamental pieces come at a higher price tag but will be the focal point in any kitchen. 

How much you can expect to spend on a copper kitchen sink

Copper kitchen sinks cost between $115-$1,500, though you can find luxury sinks priced up to $3,000. 

Copper kitchen sink FAQ

What is a patina and will that affect my copper kitchen sink? 

A. A patina is the natural darkening or changing of shade that happens to copper as it is exposed to oxygen over time (called oxidation). The upside of copper is that it doesn’t rust. Its patina can range from brown to rose colors or greenish to bluish hues. For many users, this effect is desirable for the antique look it gives their sink.  

What if I don’t want my sink to develop a patina? 

A. If you don’t like the aged look, you can regularly wax your sink to slow the development of a patina. This also helps preserve the metal’s shiny finish. The downside of waxing, besides the upkeep, is that it can interfere with the material’s natural antimicrobial property. 

What’s the best copper kitchen sink to buy?

Top copper kitchen sink 

Sinkology Lange Farmhouse/Apron Kitchen Sink

Sinkology Lange Farmhouse/Apron Kitchen Sink

What you need to know: This state-of-the-art copper sink has a beautiful hammered apron and an authentic feel. 

What you’ll love: The extra-large basin allows for two people to do dishes at the same time. It is heat resistant and also comes with sound-dampening pads to reduce noise from clanging dishes or garbage disposal. The finish is hand-hammered for an antique look. 

What you should consider: The item doesn’t come with a basket strainer or drain assembly. 

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair and Amazon 

Top copper kitchen sink for the money

Monarch Abode Pure Copper Hand-Hammered Glasgow Dual Mount Sink

Monarch Abode Pure Copper Hand-Hammered Glasgow Dual Mount Sink 

What you need to know: For small kitchens, this 12-inch square sink is a gorgeous addition to your countertop for a low price. 

What you’ll love: The copper is hand-hammered and durable. The size is also perfect for a home bar and adds character and class to any room. The drop-in style is easy to install and can also be under-mounted. 

What you should consider: The proper drain for this sink must be bought separately. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

Fossil Blu Store Luxury 12-Gauge Modern Copper Farmhouse Sink

Fossil Blu Store Luxury 12-Gauge Modern Copper Farmhouse Sink

What you need to know: For luxury spaces, this artisanal copper sink is a masterpiece. 

What you’ll love: The apron sink is made of 12-gauge copper, the thickest and most durable available. The copper is hand-hammered and ethically made. It comes with custom accessories, so you don’t have to hunt down matching parts. 

What you should consider: This sink receives rave reviews, but the price tag is inaccessible to most. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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