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Which propane deep fryer is best?

Low-country boils, large batch potato chips, snacks for a big party: all of these are made possible with a propane deep fryer. These are designed for outdoor use and can go anywhere your gatherings take you.

If you plan on using your fryer for everything from large batches of potato chips to a Thanksgiving turkey, the King Kooker Portable Propane Outdoor Deep Frying Package is a good choice. It has everything you need to get started. 

What to know before you buy a propane deep fryer

Style of propane deep fryer

Portable propane deep fryers come in two basic configurations.

  • Burner and a pot: One of the most common types consists of a burner on a sturdy base designed to hold a pot filled with oil. These may be more affordable, but they require large amounts of oil for their use. This can make them more dangerous for inexperienced cooks. You also need to have a large pot, which might be tricky if you don’t have storage space. 
  • Oil in a cup: If you plan on using your deep fryer for smaller snacks, you might prefer to look for one that uses a small well filled with oil. These typically look like an upside-down flying saucer, with a warming area surrounding a cup that holds a small amount of hot oil. These use less oil than a simple burner, but they cannot fry a whole turkey, and they tend to cost more.


Power is measured in British thermal units (Btu). The more you have, the faster your food cooks. Power ranges from 10,000-50,000 Btu. Although you may be inclined to go for the largest number of Btu available, keep in mind that the higher the Btu the more propane the fryer uses. 

Number of eaters

If you plan to use your propane deep fryer for a small household or as a single person, there is no need to buy one that comes with a large pot. Consider the number of eaters before deciding which one works best for you. 

What to look for in a quality propane deep fryer

Included pots

For propane deep fryers that need a large pot, look for a total set that includes one or two of good quality. This means you can set it up and cook immediately without worrying about buying a separate pot. 

Electric igniter 

Sure, you could use matches or a stick lighter, but an electric igniter is easy and convenient. Simply open the propane tank valve, press the button and you’re ready to cook. 


Most propane deep fryers don’t include a thermometer. but a thermometer is a crucial piece of equipment for ensuring that your oil is at the correct temperature. Too hot and your food burns without cooking — too cold and it soaks up grease as it cooks. 

Safety features

While some experienced cooks may not want an automatic temperature regulator. If you are just beginning to explore the world of outdoor deep frying, this is a valuable safety feature. 

Additionally, the hose that attaches the propane to the burner should be sturdy, durable and equipped with a pressure regulator to ensure a steady, safe and even flow of propane. 

How much you can expect to spend on a propane deep fryer

The price varies depending on the type of deep fryer you select and whether or not it comes with accessories. Expect to spend $70-$250.

Propane deep fryer FAQ

How do you care for a propane deep fryer?

A. Proper maintenance is not difficult, but it is important for safe operation.

  • Turn off your deep fryer and allow it to cool completely. Disconnect the propane cylinder or tank.
  • Drain the cool oil through a sieve and into a food-safe container. If your deep fryer does not have a drain valve, carefully tip the oil into a container. 
  • Use degreasing dish soap and hot water to scrub out the fryer. A bristle brush can help remove any stuck food. Follow up with a dish sponge and more degreasing dish soap if needed. 
  • To clean a drain valve, allow some of the soapy water to flow through it before completely rinsing the pot and running clean water through the drain valve. 
  • Rinse the pot completely and dry thoroughly.
  • Wipe down the hose or any other parts that have oil splashed on it.
  • Store your deep fryer inside or in a garage if possible. 

Can you reuse oil?

A. Frying oil can be used multiple times, but it needs to be strained after each use and stored in the fridge. If your oil begins to smell off or darken, throw it away and use fresh oil. 

The oil used to fry breaded or battered foods should only be reused a maximum of four times. For frying things like potato chips, you can reuse the oil twice that amount. 

What’s the best propane deep fryer to buy?

Top propane deep fryer

King Kooker Portable Propane Outdoor Deep Frying Package

King Kooker Portable Propane Outdoor Deep Frying Package

What you need to know: If you want to buy everything all at once, this package is complete and ready to go — just add propane. 

What you’ll love: It has 33,000 Btu for quick heating and cooking. The fuel hose is connected with a standard connection and has an auto shut-off. A 29-quart pot and an 11-quart aluminum fry pan with a basket are included. 

What you should consider: Experienced cooks may not want an auto regulator. This takes away temperature control. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top propane deep fryer for the money

GasOne Burner With Steamer Pot

GasOne Burner With Steamer Pot 

What you need to know: It is small but comes with power enough to get the job done. 

What you’ll love: The high output burner has safety controls including a steel braided hose with regulator and O-ring for a more secure connection. It comes with a 24-quart aluminum pot and weighs less than 15 pounds. 

What you should consider: The pot is not large enough to deep fry a turkey. There isn’t a steamer insert or frying basket.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Fryin' Saucer Propane Deep Fryer

Fryin’ Saucer Propane Deep Fryer

What you need to know: It sets up fast and works well for both large batches of food and frying for just a couple of people. 

What you’ll love: It has 13,000 Btu and three temperature settings. The electric igniter means fast and easy lighting, and it uses a convenient 1-pound propane canister. Fry in just 1 quart of oil. The legs are adjustable and stable. 

What you should consider: It is expensive for just occasional use. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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