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Which whiskey stones are best?

Whiskey stones are a pretty recent invention as far as barware is concerned, but since their inception in 2007, they’ve become wildly popular. Whiskey stones are reusable cubes that serve the same purpose as ice cubes in a drink, only they don’t melt and dilute the drink’s flavor. They’re not just for whiskey either. You can use them to cool other beverages as well. The Amerigo Make It Special Impressive Whiskey Stones Gift Set with 2 Glasses is a classy-looking set that comes with everything but a bottle of whiskey.

What to know before you buy whiskey stones


While whiskey stones are popular because they don’t weaken the taste of a beverage the way ice does, poor-quality whiskey stones can have a negative impact on flavor. That’s why it’s vital to choose whiskey stones constructed from reliable materials. Soapstone, granite and stainless steel are the most popular.

  • Soapstone: A nonporous natural stone that won’t absorb undesirable flavors or smells. Even though it’s a real stone, it’s still soft enough not to damage or scratch the inside of a glass.
  • Granite: A high-density natural stone that will cool a drink for longer than soapstone. It’s harder, though, making it more likely to scratch the glass.
  • Stainless steel: A strong synthetic material that will chill a beverage more quickly and drastically than soapstone or granite. There is usually a nontoxic gel or liquid featured inside these stones to expedite the cooling process. 


Typically whiskey stones are round or have rounded edges, so they don’t damage the inside of the glass, but these days you can find whiskey stones in creative novelty shapes like bullets, skulls or cute animals. Novelty whiskey stones make for great gifts or additions to themed spaces.

How to use them

Whiskey stones are simple to use, but they must be stored in the freezer for at least four hours beforehand. The easiest way to do this is to leave them in the freezer when you’re not using them. This way, they’re ready whenever you are. After taking the stones out of the freezer, place as many as you want in your glass before filling it with your beverage. Let them sit for a few minutes before drinking so that the cooling can take effect. Remember to wash the stones when you’re done before returning them to the freezer.

What to look for in quality whiskey stones

Easy to store

The best whiskey stones come with a container or pouch for storage, so you don’t have to leave them loose on a plate when you put them in the freezer, as loose whiskey stones are prone to freezer burn. The pouch is usually made from velvet or some other fabric material that won’t impact the smell or flavor of the stones. 

Full set

The number of stones featured in a good set depends on their size. Some whiskey stones, especially in novelty sets, are large enough that you only need one per glass. These sets usually come with two stones, suitable for sharing a drink with one other person. Most standard sets feature smaller stones. These typically come with eight to 10 stones, preferable for dinner parties or social gatherings where you want to fill multiple glasses.


If you’re gifting a set of whiskey stones, you can look for an engraved box or even engraved stones. There are stainless steel and soapstone options that can be custom engraved with a person’s initials, making them ideal for groomsmen, birthdays or anniversaries.

How much you can expect to spend on whiskey stones

Whiskey stones usually cost between $10-$35.

Whiskey stones FAQ

Are whiskey stones dishwasher-safe?

A. Granite and stainless steel whiskey stones are dishwasher-safe. You should wash soapstone whiskey stones by hand in warm, soapy water. Rinse well.

How long do whiskey stones last?

A. They last for as long as you care for them. There is no expiration date, and so long as you clean and store them properly, they can last for years.

Can whiskey stones go in the microwave? 

A. Soapstone and granite whiskey stones can go in the microwave if you want to use them for a heated beverage instead of a chilled one. Do not put stainless steel stones in the microwave. 

What are the best whiskey stones to buy?

Top whiskey stones

Amerigo Make It Special Impressive Whiskey Stones Gift Set with Two Glasses

Amerigo Make It Special Impressive Whiskey Stones Gift Set with Two Glasses

What you need to know: This set comes with eight small granite whiskey stones in a velvet pouch and two crystal whiskey glasses in a wooden keepsake box.

What you’ll love: The stones feature beautiful natural tones, and the glasses are made from real crystal. The number of stones makes this set convenient for entertaining small groups. 

What you should consider: The glasses and stones should be hand-washed. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top whiskey stones for the money

Kollea Reusable Ice Cube Whiskey Stones

Kollea Reusable Ice Cube Whiskey Stones

What you need to know: This set has six small stainless steel whiskey stones and comes with a pair of nonslip tongs for serving. 

What you’ll love: The nontoxic liquid inside the stones help to better chill beverages. The square stones have a rounded edge to prevent scratching, and there’s no unpleasant metal taste. The tongs are helpful for serving. 

What you should consider: The stones are dishwasher-safe but easier to clean by hand. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Lazer Girlz Set of Three Personalized Whiskey Stones with Pouch

Lazer Girlz Set of Three Personalized Whiskey Stones with Pouch

What you need to know: This set comes with three small soapstone whiskey stones that are laser engraved with initials of your choosing.

What you’ll love: The stones are the size of a quarter and square with rounded edges to prevent scratches. All engravings are prominent, attractive and easy to read. 

What you should consider: The stones are hand-wash only, and the hue can vary.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy


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