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Which Peppa Pig backpack is best?

“Peppa Pig” is an immensely popular British animated television series aimed at young children, featuring Peppa, her little brother George and their parents. The short five-minute episodes revolve around activities with family, friends and schoolmates, such as swimming, camping and attending playgroups. Peppa Pig merchandise continues to expand with the show and is very popular for kindergarten and preschool-aged children, particularly their toy and clothing lines. 

The Peppa Pig Store Peppa Pig Backpack is much beloved by children who want to show off their love of Peppa to friends at daycare or schoolmates. It has a large main storage compartment, a mesh water bottle holder and a convenient front pocket for holding favorite items and treasures.

What to know before you buy a Peppa Pig backpack


Peppa Pig backpacks are typically geared toward very young children and toddlers attending daycare, preschool or kindergarten. Most suitable for ages 2 to 5, these backpacks are usually around 12 inches. They are ideal for smaller kids, as they aren’t too large for their body frame and are more lightweight to carry. These backpacks cannot accommodate a standard-sized folder but can easily hold a change of clothes, some snacks and a few personal items, like small toys. Smaller Peppa Pig backpacks may also function as diaper bags for playdates for very young children. However, for slightly older children who need to carry books or notebooks, look for backpacks that start at 15 inches. These can fit folders comfortably but aren’t so large as to be unmanageable for children. 

Print and color

Peppa Pig backpacks will often feature one or more characters from the show and are sold in bright colors with glitter, rainbows, stars or other fun and youthful designs. Peppa Pig backpacks that feature Peppa are mainly pink. Conversely, occasionally, you can find yellow Peppa backpacks that are more neutral, purple backpacks, teal backpacks or even blue backpacks that feature George as well. No matter your child’s favorite color, there’s a great Peppa Pig backpack to best match their style and preferences.


Some Peppa Pig backpack sets will include additional accessories, like lunch bags, pencil cases, small keychains for holding hand sanitizer, charms or even matching drawstring bags for carrying Peppa Pig toys. Many of these items are also available for sale separately and can be purchased to match the backpack you select if it doesn’t include additional features.

What to look for in a quality Peppa Pig backpack

Water bottle holster

Peppa Pig backpacks often feature mesh side pouches for conveniently carrying your child’s water bottle to school or daycare. These function as a great reminder for your child to take a drink and prevent the items inside the backpack from getting wet when they inevitably leave the top or mouthpiece open.

Additional pockets

Children love having backpacks with extra pockets, zippered compartments and areas where they can store or hide their treasures and belongings. Higher-quality backpacks should have at least one main storage pocket with an additional front zippered pocket to carry their basics. At the same time, some models will feature several zippered compartments for organizing their school or daycare supplies.

Material and washability

Most backpacks are made of synthetic material and aren’t compatible with machine washing, as a machine wash could damage the fabric, eventually causing pilling or tears. However, due to their coarser exterior, backpacks can often be wiped down with a damp cloth for dirt and stains and left to air dry.

How much you can expect to spend on a Peppa Pig backpack

A Peppa Pig backpack should cost $17-$22 for younger children. Larger backpacks for older children or backpacks that include accessories tend to cost a little more and average around $25-$45.

Peppa Pig backpack FAQ

Do Peppa Pig backpacks include a lunch bag?

A. Officially licensed lunch bags can be purchased separately but are usually not included in the sale of standard backpacks. However, Peppa Pig backpack sets may include additional accessories for a higher price.

What are the dimensions of a Peppa Pig backpack?

A.  Backpacks suitable for younger children will have slightly smaller dimensions of approximately 30 by 26 by 10 centimeters. There will be some small variations in size, depending on the manufacturer. 

What’s the best Peppa Pig backpack to buy?

Top Peppa Pig backpack

Peppa Pig Store Peppa Pig Backpack

Peppa Pig Store Peppa Pig Backpack

What you need to know: This adorable pink and glittery Peppa Pig backpack is a great size for smaller children and isn’t too bulky for them to carry.

What you’ll love: This officially licensed backpack has a water bottle holster, a large front pocket for carrying key items and is very bright and pretty.

What you should consider: The material might be a little thin for some customers. 

Where to buy: Amazon

Top Peppa Pig backpack for the money

Peppa Pig Store Girls Peppa Pig Backpack

Peppa Pig Store Girls Peppa Pig Backpack

What you need to know: This sweet backpack from the Peppa Pig Store has a heart-shaped zippered pocket on the front for easily accessing necessary items and is very budget-friendly.

What you’ll love: This compact, lightweight backpack is ideal for very young children because it’s easy to carry and looks super cute on.

What you should consider: It doesn’t fit a standard folder, and the main zipper might be a bit flimsy.

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

Peppa Pig Store Peppa Pig & George Backpack

Peppa Pig Store Peppa Pig & George Backpack

What you need to know: This unisex Peppa and George backpack from the Peppa Pig Store is a great option for all fans of Peppa Pig and features adjustable straps for customized fit.

What you’ll love: The adorable print of this backpack coupled with the great price and large main storage pocket make it an ideal selection for daycare and kindergarten students.

What you should consider: This backpack is meant for preschoolers and won’t comfortably accommodate large books or folders.

Where to buy: Amazon

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