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Which white gaming chair is best?

Once upon a time, you had to struggle to get comfortable in front of a computer. If you were lucky, you had a rigid office chair. But as computer components evolved, so did gaming chairs. There’s now a plethora of styles, models and brands, and many have additional functions akin to those of the seats in luxury vehicles.

If you want to look as elegant as ever and feel great while doing so, the Dowinx Gaming Chair With Massage Lumbar Support is an excellent choice. 

What to know before you buy a white gaming chair

The color doesn’t improve your gaming

It shouldn’t come as a shock that a white gaming chair doesn’t improve your play. But there are other benefits that come with a white chair, such as blending in with neutral colors and making it easy to spot dirt. White is often paired with black or gold trimming, giving it an elegant look that won’t date quickly.

There’s a style for every gamer

The beautiful thing about gaming chairs is that there are types to suit most playing styles. You might be more of a traditionalist, with an upright office chair. Or if you generally play console games, you might find a recliner or rocker more comfortable. The best gaming chair for you is the one in which you feel at home and that won’t cause strain on your back.

Price should be a consideration

Gaming chairs vary wildly in price. Set yourself a budget and try to stick within the boundaries. Consider whether you really need leather trim, an added footrest or compatibility with vibration technology. Sure, it’s great to have the best, but at the end of the day, you’re just going to sit in it. And the most expensive chairs aren’t always the best.

What to look for in a quality white gaming chair

Padded upholstery

One of the most important aspects of any chair — not just those for gaming — is comfort. It could be the most expensive, elaborate chair in the world, but if it’s not comfortable, you won’t be satisfied. A good-quality gaming chair has thick padding on the seat and back support through a lumbar cushion. Most chairs tilt several degrees if you want to grab a quick nap, but the armrests are rarely more than hard foam.


Another sign of a good-quality gaming chair is adjustability. A rigid chair is uncomfortable, as you can’t adjust your backrest’s angle or the seat’s height. However, high-quality chairs can rotate 360 degrees, you can adjust the height and tilt angle, and you can lock them in place if you don’t want the rocking motion. The armrests can generally also swivel a few degrees, and slide forward and back.

Build quality

Not only do you want to be comfortable, you also don’t want to end up on the floor. It rarely happens, but gaming chairs can come apart and break due to inferior materials. Critical components such as the seating frame and backrest hinge are metal in good-quality gaming chairs. The fabric in these chairs also feels more luxurious and won’t peel after a while. This is a common issue with fake leather fabrics as the colored coating pulls loose. 

How much you can expect to spend on a white gaming chair

The average price of a white gaming chair largely depends on the manufacturer. A basic model with the usual functions retails for $70-$80. However, a leather chair with elaborate trimming and thick foam padding sells for $200-$300. 

White gaming chair FAQ

Are white gaming chairs shipped fully assembled? 

A. No, they’re usually shipped in flat-pack boxes. While all the tools and screws are included, you must assemble them yourself. This isn’t as complex as it sounds, as instructions are included.

Do you get white gaming chairs with RGB lighting?

A. RGB lighting has become hugely popular with gaming accessories, but it hasn’t infiltrated gaming chairs as much. With that said, some white gaming chairs do have an RGB lighting strip down the sides, and you can sync music or gaming sounds.

What’s the best white gaming chair to buy?

Top white gaming chair

Best Dowinx Gaming Chair With Massage Lumbar Support

Dowinx Gaming Chair With Massage Lumbar Support

What you need to know: If you want to look incredibly stylish while playing your games, this creamy white chair with gold trims will be the envy of your opponents.

What you’ll love: Unlike other gaming chairs, this one has linkage armrests that lets you adjust the angle and height. The lumbar support has a massager built in, and the quilted seating area is stuffed with 5-inch-thick foam padding. The frame is a metal alloy and has five caster wheels. 

What you should consider: The massager requires a USB cable to operate. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top white gaming chair for the money

Best Edwell Gaming Chair With Massage Lumbar Support

Edwell Gaming Chair With Massage Lumbar Support

What you need to know: Taking on the traditional form of a gaming chair, this white chair with black accents is the perfect choice for cash-strapped gamers.

What you’ll love: Its high back helps with your posture and the included lumbar cushion has a built-in massager. The chair has a retractable footrest, a 30-degree rocking motion and can carry a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

What you should consider: The adjustable armrests have no padding, so it might be a bit hard for some users.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Best GTPlayer Gaming Chair With Footrest And Lumbar Support

GTPlayer Gaming Chair With Footrest and Lumbar Support

What you need to know: With a comfortable head pillow and massaging lumbar cushion, you might find it difficult to stay awake in this white and black gaming chair. 

What you’ll love: It uses the latest trend in armrests by featuring the linkage system. Instead of the armrests having the traditional T-bar design, the link connects the back piece with the seat. It also has a retractable footrest, thick padding on all surfaces and a chrome frame.  

What you should consider: The massaging function requires a constant USB connection to operate.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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