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Dirt bike riding is an action-packed, fast-paced sport, leaving little room for error. In making split-second decisions, you might misjudge a corner or a ramp and end up crashing on the trail. There are several pieces of equipment you must use to protect your body, and while the helmet is arguably the most important, gloves also play a crucial role. 

Sticking out a hand to prevent a fall can save thousands of dollars in damage, but you don’t want to injure yourself. For that reason, an excellent, durable pair of dirt bike gloves is a must. 

In this article: O’Neal Jump Gloves with Crank Graphic, Wow Motocross Skeleton Racing Gloves and Fox Racing Men’s Dirtpaw Motocross Glove.

Dirt bike protective gear

After you’ve taken your dirt bike down the loading ramp and done all the necessary preparations, it’s time to suit up. While you don’t need a full kit that includes full-body protective clothing, there are a few essentials.

Riding boots go a long way in protecting your feet and ankles, while a helmet minimizes any serious injuries to your head. Shin guards and a shock-absorbing chest plate are excellent, but dirt bike gloves are a must-have. 

What to look for in dirt bike gloves

There are different kinds of gloves, and the perfect pair depends on your hand size and the protection level you desire. Most are made from synthetic leather or combined with neoprene to give them a bit of stretch.

For additional protection, there are gloves with reinforced fingertips and hard plastic sections over the knuckles. This is great if your bike doesn’t have handle guards and you regularly ride through tall grass. Silicone printing on the palm and fingers also gives you a better grip, especially when it’s rainy or you are riding through mud.

Of course, comfort and protection are important, but so is the fastener the gloves use. The most common is the adjustable hook-and-loop closure, similar to Velcro, which lets you adjust the fit easily on the go. Other gloves don’t have the hook-and-loop closure, but instead, use a pull-on closure. These have an elastic band on the cuff that tightens around your wrist and isn’t adjustable.

Best dirt bike gloves for your next ride

Best O'Neal Jump Gloves with Crank Graphic

O’Neal Jump Gloves with Crank Graphic 

These gloves have a hook-and-loop closure, ensuring that they don’t come unfastened during a fast-paced ride. The gloves have seamless rollover fingertips, as well as silicone printing on the synthetic leather palm for a better grip. The flexible material is also lightweight and fits snugly over your hand. 

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Best Wow Motocross Skeleton Racing Gloves

Wow Motocross Skeleton Racing Gloves 

These gloves feature reinforced knuckle and finger parts, perfect if you require a bit more protection. The outer part of the gloves is mesh, making them lightweight, while the palm is synthetic leather. They also have an adjustable wrist enclosure. 

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Best Fox Racing Men's Dirtpaw Motocross Glove

Fox Racing Men’s Dirtpaw Motocross Glove 

Great for all kinds of dirt bike racing, these all-black gloves have a hook-and-loop closure system and a compression-molded neoprene cuff for a snug fit. The padded single-layer conductive Clarino palm is compatible with mobile phone touchscreens, and there is hard plastic protection on the knuckles.

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Best Seibertron Dirtpaw Full Finger Dirt Gloves

Seibertron Dirtpaw Full Finger Dirt Gloves  

Available in multiple designs, these gloves offer silicone printing on the palms and fingers for a better grip. Made from a combination of synthetic leather and stretchable neoprene, they’re comfortable to wear for long periods and have additional protection on the knuckles and fingers. The adjustable wrist closure is a hook-and-loop type.

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Best Fox Racing Men's Airline Motocross Gloves

Fox Racing Men’s Airline Motocross Gloves 

These gloves have a pull-on closure that isn’t adjustable but fits comfortably, depending on the size. There’s silicone printing on the index and middle finger for better grip on the clutch, and the palm is made from a single-layer perforated Clarino. The stretch nylon finger gussets increase airflow and dexterity. 

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Best Fly Racing Adult F-16 Gloves

Fly Racing Adult F-16 Gloves

These elegant black gloves are an excellent choice for minimal protection while still being comfortable. Made from breathable polyester on the top layer and synthetic leather on the palm, they feature silicone dots on the index and middle finger for better grip. They have an adjustable closure and come in several designs.

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Best Cofit Motocross Gloves With Knuckle Protection

Cofit Motocross Gloves With Knuckle Protection

These gloves are an excellent choice if you need a bit more protection on your knuckles than most gloves offer. There are wear-resistant silicone gel dots in the palm to improve your grip, and the fingertips contain conductive metal fiber to make them touchscreen-compatible. The gloves are made from polyester and have a hook-and-loop closure.

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Best Fasthouse Speed Style Stomp Gloves

Fasthouse Speed Style Stomp Gloves

These gloves have an unusual burgundy color with a white skull silkscreened on the upper part. The synthetic leather palm features a checkered flag design on the index and middle finger and has a robust hook-and-loop closure on the cuff. It has a reinforced Clarino thumb guard, and the fingertips are touchscreen-compatible.

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Best Troy Lee Designs Dirt Bike Gloves

Troy Lee Designs Dirt Bike Gloves

With a tactical camouflage design, these gloves look amazing no matter where you are riding. Made with a polyester outer and a synthetic palm, they feature a hook-and-loop closure on the compression-molded cuff and have small silicone prints on the index and middle fingers. 

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Best Saints of Speed Dirt Bike Gloves

Saints of Speed Dirt Bike Gloves

If you love doughnuts and coffee, these gloves are an excellent pair to show off your dedication to all things sugary. They feature doughnuts on the top that uses a design similar to Krispy Kreme and have silicone sprinkles on the palms for added grip. The gloves have an adjustable closure and come in four sizes.

Sold by Amazon 

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