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Which makeup mirror is best?

It’s difficult to properly apply makeup if you don’t have a quality mirror, and makeup mirrors provide just the right amount of lighting and magnification. They also allow you to see every angle to ensure that you can capture the look you want before you step outside. 

Makeup mirrors can vary in size, style and design, and finding the best one for you depends on where you want to put it and what you’re looking for in features, but our top pick is WEILY Hollywood Makeup Mirror with Lights

What to know before you buy a makeup mirror

Types of makeup mirrors

  • Wall-mounted: These makeup mirrors become more permanent fixtures and are often the biggest. They have the benefit of freeing up space on your vanity or countertop, but you want to make sure it’s at the right height and ideal location with the best light before installing. 
  • Tabletop: If you want more versatility, a stationary tabletop mirror is an ideal choice because you can use it in different rooms and with different lighting conditions if so desired. The added benefit of most tabletop mirrors is that they are easily adjustable. 
  • Portable: These are smaller and more compact makeup mirrors designed to take with you when on the go. Handheld and accessory mirrors can fall into this category, but they are typically smaller and require you to hold them, so you won’t have both hands free when applying makeup. 

What to look for in a makeup mirror

360-degree rotation

Many tabletop makeup mirrors come with 360-degree rotation. So, not only can you move the mirror to a better location in the house, but you can turn and swivel the mirror itself while it’s in place to see every angle that you might not be able to catch in your regular bathroom mirror.  


Magnification is ideal when you need to pay attention to the finer details, be it applying lip liner, eyeliner, foundation, mascara, or even when you need to utilize tweezers for grooming needs. 

Magnification can vary between 3x and 10x, with greater magnification typically resulting in a higher cost. There are mirrors with more than 10x magnification, but they tend to distort the image significantly and are not ideal for everyday use. 

Lighted mirrors

If you often look different in the bathroom mirror than you do when out, chances are the problem is your lighting, so consider a lighted makeup mirror. This can help eliminate shadows that could result in unevenly applying makeup. 

The right light is essential, and natural light sources work best when applying makeup. LED lights tend to resemble daytime light and are typically an ideal light for applying makeup. 

How much you can expect to spend on a makeup mirror

The pricing of makeup mirrors will range from $10-$300 depending on the features, size and benefits. A standard makeup mirror without lights or additional technology is easily accessible at a budget-friendly price. In contrast, a larger high-tech mirror with LED lights, multiple settings, and touch screens can go for $150 or more. 

Makeup mirror FAQ

What is the ideal magnification required for doing my makeup?

A. The most popular setting for makeup application is 5x magnification. That’s what you want to look for If purchasing a makeup mirror for makeup application, shaving, or putting in your contacts. Given that it’s a popular setting, finding an affordable mirror with that magnification in different shapes and sizes is quite easy.

Can a makeup mirror with lights harm my eyes?

A.  An LED makeup mirror is not bad for your eyes, as long as you don’t use it for an extended period. Look for a mirror with warm white light because it’s softer and easier on the eyes when compared to blue or cool white lighting. 

What’s the best makeup mirror to buy?

Top makeup mirror 

WEILY Hollywood Makeup Mirror with Lights

WEILY Hollywood Makeup Mirror with Lights

What you need to know: Loaded with 12 built-in LED bulbs and 50,000 hours of lifespan, this “glam room” style makeup mirror was built to last.

What you’ll love: It’s highly durable and made of solid metal, so it won’t rust and comes with a skid-proof base to keep your surfaces from getting damaged. With 360-degree rotation, the ability to adjust brightness, and memory to remember the last setting you used, you no longer have to find your perfect spot each time you use it. 

What you should consider: Make sure to look at the measurements before purchasing as some customers were surprised at the size when it arrived.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top makeup mirror for the money

Fun Touch Rechargeable Travel Makeup Mirror

Fun Touch Rechargeable Travel Makeup Mirror

What you need to know: Travel easily with this USB rechargeable and portable high definition makeup mirror that will easily fit into your handbag or luggage.

What you’ll love: This budget-friendly makeup mirror allows you to increase and decrease brightness with the touch of a button. It has 72 LEDs that include cool lights, warm lights, and white lights, so you can easily identify how your makeup will look in different situations and guarantee that you will always have the best light no matter how dark the area you are in.

What you should consider: Customers have noted the battery length is limited, but you can charge it while in use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Latitude Run Vanity Makeup Mirror With Lights

Latitude Run Vanity Makeup Mirror With Lights

What you need to know: This makeup mirror is loaded with features, including three-color LED lighting and 360-degree rotation.

What you’ll love: This comes with touch screen control, daylight, warm light, and cold light features, and dimmable brightness to ensure a flawless makeup application. It also offers the most accurate reflection, so you’ll be able to see the most minute details without any distortion or color casting.

What you should consider: Some customers have felt this makeup mirror was a tad flimsy for the price.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair


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