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Which electric nail drills are best?

You don’t need to venture out to your nearest salon to get a high-quality manicure or pedicure. Instead, with an electric nail drill of your very own you can easily give yourself and your friends the same high-quality manicures and pedicures you’d find at your salon while saving plenty of money over time.

The best electric nail drill is the Makartt JD700 Nail Drill Machine. With variable speeds up to 30,000 revolutions per minute in both forward and reverse motions controlled by hand or with an included foot pedal as well as durable and highly precise drill bits, all your salon-like needs are easily met.

What to know before you buy an electric nail drill

Electric nail drill RPM

Electric drills, whether for nails or otherwise, measure their power in rpm. Most electric nail drills have between 10,000-30,000 rpm, though the exact speed can be controlled and thus used on different types of nails. For more information, visit the electric nail drill buying guide on BestReviews.

Electric nail drill bits

Your electric nail drill uses all kinds of different bits for different nail types and to achieve the various goals of manicures and pedicures. 

  • Natural nail bit: For natural nails only. This bit type buffs the nail and trims the cuticle in preparation for the application of artificial nails. It’s usually a cylindrical rubber tip designed to be gentle.
  • Under-nail bit: This bit is uniquely thin to fit underneath the nail for precision shaping and cleaning.
  • Small and large carbide bits: These bits are for shaping, shortening and thinning acrylic nails. The two sizes allow you to be as precise as you need for the situation. They can also cut acrylics to prepare them for backfilling.
  • Pedicure bit: As the name suggests, this bit type is used during pedicures. It is meant for removing the calluses and other hard areas of skin from your feet near the toenails. It’s usually a precision diamond bit.

What to look for in a quality electric nail drill

Cordless vs. corded electric nail drill

Electric nail drills are available in both cordless and corded designs.

  • Cordless: As you don’t need to be plugged into an outlet, cordless electric nail drills can be used anywhere and anytime. They usually run on a rechargeable battery, so there’s no need to fear recurring battery costs. On the other hand, the batteries in most cordless drills are admittedly weak, usually lasting only an hour or two and needing the same amount of time to charge. Thus, they are best suited for touch-ups.
  • Corded: These drills are more powerful than their cordless cousins, and you never have to worry about losing power mid-mani-pedi. They’re better suited to full manicures and pedicures in addition to being lighter and more affordable.

Hands-free electric nail drills

Higher-end electric nail drills come with foot pedals to fully control the drill’s power, speed and rotating direction. This makes it far easier to use the drill alone without having to constantly set it down.

Anti-vibration electric nail drills

Low-cost electric nail drills can vibrate far more than is comfortable, making them more difficult to properly and safely use. Instead, look for drills specifically made to keep vibration to a minimum.

How much you can expect to spend on an electric nail drill

Electric nail drills have a huge cost range, with the main variable being the maximum speeds of the drill itself. 10,000 rpm drills are usually around only $15, while 20,000 rpm models reach up to $60. Further, 25,000 rpm models and up can cost anywhere from $60-$200, with 30,000 rpm models landing on the higher end of that scale.

Electric nail drill FAQ

How do I clean my electric nail drill?

A. First, remove dust and dirt using compressed air or a brush from your drill body. Then, disinfect your drill bits by scrubbing them in soapy water, allowing them to soak for roughly 20 minutes in a metal-safe disinfecting solution. Finally, allow the bits to dry before storing them in a covered container.

Are electric nail drills safe to use at home?

A. Absolutely. Be sure to read all safety instructions included with your purchase and start with very slow speeds until you get comfortable with the drill. Be especially cautious and slow around natural nails.

What’s the best electric nail drill to buy?

Top electric nail drill

Makartt JD700 Nail Drill Machine

Makartt JD700 Nail Drill Machine

What you need to know: Durable and strong with lots of options in both controls and accessories, make this the ultimate electric nail drill pick.

What you’ll love: Variable speeds can reach rates of 30,000 rpm with both forward and reverse options.

What you should consider: According to some reports, this electric nail drill can overheat in rare cases.

Where to buy: Amazon

Top electric nail drill for the money

YaFex Portable Electric Nail Drill

YaFex Portable Electric Nail Drill

What you need to know: Affordability doesn’t ruin the number of options available to you with this multi-accessorized electric nail drill.

What you’ll love: This drill comes bundled with six drill bits and 30 sanding bands, not to mention the included nail clippers.

What you should consider: Some drills have been reported to arrive with pieces missing, and it isn’t as strong as other drills.

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

BTArtbox Professional Nail Drilling Machine

BTArtbox Professional Nail Drilling Machine

What you need to know: This electric nail drill is a little too comprehensive for basic manicures, making it perfect for acrylic nails.

What you’ll love: A variable speed control able to be adjusted by hand or with included foot pedal gives you maximum options.

What you should consider: A bulky design limits this electric nail drill in addition to reports of units ceasing to work unexpectedly. 

Where to buy: Amazon


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