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What are this year’s Halloween makeup trends?

The top Halloween makeup trends are more accessible than ever, because manufacturers are offering better, more complete makeup and special effects kits, with guides and tools that are of a more professional quality. They are also easier to use. 

While you might still need to combine some kits to complete your Halloween costume, for the most part, you can get high-quality items in one purchase that can last several seasons.

Halloween makeup

This year has greeted many excellent Halloween makeup trends. You can get dolled up in couples’ costumes, such as Barbie and Ken, or stick with the classics, such as Ariel from “The Little Mermaid,” which requires very little makeup. You can also go all out with costumes that require more work, such as a zombie with gaping wounds, an ultra-glam skeleton or a pop-art character. 

Regardless of your costume choice, getting a Halloween makeup kit tailored to your character can simplify your application process. It can also save you the hassle of hunting for items. Whatever you choose, it’s better to stick with higher-quality makeup, because it doesn’t typically cost a lot more than lower-quality versions. It also looks better, is less likely to irritate your skin and is far more apt to withstand the evening.

Easy Halloween makeup trends

There are 11 simple guises to consider if you’re looking for Halloween makeup trends that won’t take too much time or effort. Many are sold in kits, which typically come with instructions.

  • Witch: Apply green face paint, then add a red lip with a smoky eye. 
  • Vampire: Create a sickly complexion with a base foundation a few shades lighter than your skin, then add black makeup or face paint around your eyes and lips. 
  • Minion: Apply yellow paint to your entire face, then add some silver goggles and a yellow beanie.
  • Batman: Add black face paint or eyeshadow around your eyes, and affix your mask.  
  • Jason, “Halloween”: Apply a bit of dark face paint around your eyes and let the mask do the rest. 
  • Hippie: Add a little light makeup, then draw a peace sign or flower on your cheek. 
  • Flapper: Create a dramatic eye with red lips and some blush. 
  • Greek god: Begin with a light foundation and a smoky eye. Next, add gold dusting or highlighter over your cheekbones and lips. 
  • Eleven, “Stranger Things”: Skip the makeup and simply add fake blood dripping from your nose. 
  • Dani, “Hocus Pocus”: Apply a little light makeup, and add some red lips. 
  • Ariel, “Little Mermaid”: Add light makeup with purple eyeshadow and a red lip.

Halloween makeup trends for couples

There are five couples’ Halloween makeup trends to consider this season. They require varying levels of skill and makeup or prosthetics. 

  • Maverick and Goose, “Top Gun”: This is an easy look and requires a mustache if you don’t already have one. 
  • Maddy and Cassie, “Euphoria”: These characters are all about the eyes with jewels, metallics and glitter.  
  • Elvis and Priscilla Presley, “Elvis”: Add a light coat of mascara and eyeliner for Elvis. For Priscilla, you can add a thick, smoky cat eye with long lashes and a soft lip.  
  • Player and Doll, “Squid Game”: While the Player has minimal makeup, you can paint Doll’s features on your face and arms.  
  • Barbie and Ken, “Barbie”: Barbie’s makeup is frosted and bright, while Ken can have some foundation and blush.

Top Halloween makeup trends

The top 10 Halloween makeup trends this season are packed with new and recycled characters and icons. Some looks might require a bit of work, with several steps. However, kits with instructions are available for a few of them. 

  • Pop art: Add dots to your face, paint on your expression and line everything in black. 
  • Glam sugar skull: Draw a skeleton on your face or use a kit, then add a sugar skull outline with flowers, or take it to the next level by applying face jewels.  
  • The Joker: You can apply green, black and red face paint to complete this look or use a kit, depending on your chosen version.  
  • Glam skeleton: Create a skeleton on your face or use a kit, then outline the skull with gems and metallic paints.
  • Pennywise, “It”: Use red, black and white face paints. 
  • Anna Delvey, “Inventing Anna”: This costume requires a full face of makeup with contouring, highlighter and a red lip.  
  • Zombie, “Resident Evil 2”: This look is a bit more complex than the rest, but it comes in a kit with instructions.  
  • Harley Quinn, “Suicide Squad”: You can use white, red, black and blue face paints to create this look.   
  • A Sanderson sister, “Hocus Pocus”: Create a dramatic eye and lip and either an overdone or barely there brow, depending on your chosen sister. 
  • The Corpse Bride, “Corpse Bride”: Paint a blue skeleton on your face, then add a red lip and some scars.

Best Halloween makeup trends this season

Best Mehron Makeup Special Effects Set for Halloween

Mehron Makeup Special Effects Set for Halloween

This high-quality Halloween makeup kit gives you enough material for guises of all kinds, such as vampires, witches and zombies. It comes with makeup, wounds, blood and tools.  

Sold by Amazon

Best CCbeauty Professional Face Paint Oil

CCbeauty Professional Face Paint Oil

This palette lets you create tons of fun looks with 24 nontoxic oil-based colors. It comes with six brushes of varying sizes, goes on smoothly, and you can easily remove it with a waterproof makeup remover.

Sold by Amazon

Best Mehron Makeup Premium Skeleton Kit

Mehron Makeup Premium Skeleton Kit

This set comes with all the high-quality makeup, tools and accessories you need to create a full skeleton face. It also gives you step-by-instructions.

Sold by Amazon

Best Shynek Face Jewels With Glue

Shynek Face Jewels With Glue

This kit comes with 3,600 jewels in 12 colors and three sizes, with all the tools and glue you need to affix them. They are long-lasting, easy to apply and simple to remove.

Sold by Amazon

Best Rechoo Glitter And Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette

Rechoo Glitter And Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette

This eyeshadow palette has 99 hues in glitter, matte and chrome finishes. The formulas are highly pigmented and long-lasting.

Sold by Amazon

Best Mehron Makeup Resident Evil 2 Zombie All-Pro Makeup Kit

Mehron Makeup Resident Evil 2 Zombie All-Pro Makeup Kit

This set has over-the-top special effects zombie makeup, tools, prosthetic wounds and fake blood. It also comes with step-by-step instructions.

Sold by Amazon

Best DaLin Floral Day of the Dead Sugar Skull

DaLin Floral Day of the Dead Sugar Skull  

This pack of temporary face tattoos comes with nine sheet designs that are quick and easy to apply. They are also easy to remove with rubbing alcohol or coconut oil. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Joyin 36-Piece Halloween All-In-One Easy Halloween Makeup Kit

Joyin 36-Piece Halloween All-in-One Easy Halloween Makeup Kit

This set comes with 12 face paint shades, five face paint crayons and two brushes. The makeup is suitable for sensitive skin and can be removed with soap and water.

Sold by Amazon


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