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Which stroller cup holder is best?

Strollers allow people to easily walk, exercise or run errands with young children. While many strollers are big and bulky, their generous surface area gives room for lots of attachments. Cup holders, which can be used to hold drinks for both parents and kids alike, are one of the most popular accessories you can add to your stroller for added convenience. 

The Accmor Stroller Cup Holder with Phone Holder/Organizer, the best pick, allows you to carry a cup or bottle alongside your phone, placing both items within easy reach. 

What to know before you buy a stroller cup holder

Your stroller type

Stroller cup holders are affixed to strollers via clamps or straps that keep them secured to push bars or any other part of the stroller that works to your liking. Most modern strollers will have ample room for the attachment of a cup holder, but older models, or especially lightweight strollers, may feature thinner bars or fewer locations that are suitable for clamping. Be sure to take a close look at your stroller to ensure that it can accommodate the addition of a cup holder.


Ensure that the location you wish to install your cup holder on your stroller is within easy reach of the person who will be pushing it, but not accessible to the child who will be seated. This will prevent accidental spills caused by curious kids and, if the drink being carried is for the child, will allow the adult to have control over where and when drinking and sipping is permitted.


While it might seem odd for safety to be a consideration when it comes to cup holders, special care must be taken to ensure that if any hot drinks are being carried that there is no risk of them splashing or spilling on any young passengers. The safety of your cup holder will be determined by where you mount it, how strongly it can be clamped in place and how snugly it holds your drink container.

What to look for in a quality stroller cup holder


Since the clamp is what will ensure that your cup holder stays tightly in place, you will want to select a model that features one that can tightly grasp your stroller’s hardware. Choose a clamp that includes a rubber interior for superior grip, and be sure that its tightening knob is large enough to allow you the strength to secure it in such a way that it won’t be dislodged by an impact or kick. If you opt for a cup holder that attaches with a Velcro strap, be sure to select a model that will allow you to tighten it enough to ensure a safe grip.


Since not all strollers are created equal, a cup holder that allows for articulation provides additional mounting flexibility. A positionable cup holder can be mounted on the side of your stroller, for example, and then positioned in such a way that it still holds your drink level and is within reach. If you have a stroller that already has a bag hanging from its push bar, an articulated cup holder will allow you to place your drink elsewhere.

Extra storage

Some stroller storage accessories feature a cup or bottle holder along with extra pouches or zippered bags for storing additional supplies, toys or snacks. If your stroller does not include cargo space to your liking, investing in one of these storage options will provide you with a safe place to keep whatever you or your child may need while you’re out of the house. Some cup holders also feature a small tray or compartment to hold your phone, keys or other items.

Additional cup holder

A double cup holder will allow you to store two different containers at the same time. This can be great for keeping formula or juice for little ones besides coffee, tea or a water bottle for yourself. 

Rubber inserts

Some cup holders include a rubber insert or gasket that allows them to accommodate a wide range of bottle or cup sizes without sacrificing grip or allowing them to obnoxiously wobble while you walk. Selecting a model with this feature will also help protect against spills and splashing.

How much you can expect to spend on a stroller cup holder

Basic, single stroller cup holders can be purchased for as little as $10. More accommodating options that include additional storage or even trays can cost as much as $40.

Stroller cup holder FAQ

Can I use a bike cup holder on my stroller?

A. Potentially, yes. Many cup holders are marketed as “universal,” meaning that they will attach to any equipment as long as it has a rail that can be clamped to. Keep in mind, however, that cup holders made for bikes are usually made to just hold water bottles and not store anything else.

Are there stroller cup holders that can keep my drink cold or hot?

A. Stroller cup holders typically have a simple, open design that does not provide a great deal of insulation. Those who are particular about maintaining the temperature of their beverages will likely want to invest in a bottle that insulates their drink to keep it hot or cold or a stroller bag.

Can I get a stroller cup holder in different colors?

A. Most stroller cup holders are available in black only, although storage bags that feature drink compartments can be found in a variety of colors and patterns.

What are the best stroller cup holders to buy?

Top stroller cup holder

Accmor Stroller Cup Holder with Phone Holder/Organizer

Accmor Stroller Cup Holder with Phone Holder/Organizer

What you need to know: This cup holder features a slot to store your phone. 

What you’ll love: With 360 degrees of rotation, this cup holder can be affixed almost anywhere on your stroller. Its phone storage compartment is available in different colors and it features rubber flaps that keep varying bottle or cup sizes tight. 

What you should consider: Some buyers feel that this cup holder does not have a strong enough clamp to hold heavier drink containers without slipping.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top stroller cup holder for money

Lictin Stroller Cup Holder

Lictin Stroller Cup Holder

What you need to know: This stroller cup holder features a phone holder as well as a clip and hook for other items.

What you’ll love: With its easy-to-use clamp and included hook, this affordable cup holder and phone holder combo allows you to hang keys, a blanket or mosquito net from the accessory if needed.

What you should consider: Some users find that the phone holder is not large enough for their device.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Universal Stroller Organizer with Insulated Cup Holder

Universal Stroller Organizer with Insulated Cup Holder

What you need to know: This stroller caddy features ample space and includes an insulated cup holder.

What you’ll love: Available in three colors, this stroller organizer allows room for a drink and plenty of other items and accessories. It has two attachment methods to accommodate different stroller types and even includes a strap that allows you to carry it like a bag.

What you should consider: This bag attaches with straps or hooks and therefore might slide around too much for some users on certain strollers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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