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Which Christmas sweaters are best?

Dressing up for the holiday season is a tradition for many. Aside from the ever-popular “ugly” Christmas sweater trend, selecting formal wear and festive attire specifically designed for the holiday is a must. Since Christmas occurs during the chilly months of the year, purchasing a sweater for the occasion is both stylish and functional.

Our top pick is the Tipsy Elves Sequin Candy Cane Cardigan. This festive, low-cut V-neck cardigan is the perfect balance of fun and seasonal style.

What to know before you buy a Christmas sweater


If you’re in search of something a bit more understated than an ugly Christmas sweater yet want to capture the magic of the season, there are some options available. From cute to vintage Christmas sweaters (and everything in between), you can easily find a style you love. Decide in advance what look you’re trying to achieve.

If you’re not yet sure what style you’d like, consider the places you’re planning to wear the sweater. Certain settings and events require a more formal look, while others are appropriate for something a bit more playful and casual.

Pullover vs. button-up

Pullovers can be both sophisticated or casual, while button-up sweaters almost always have a touch of formality. You can pair button-up sweaters with a matching T-shirt or tank top to enhance the look. They are useful for layering and you can easily remove them if you get hot indoors. Selecting the sweater type that is most comfortable for you is a sure way to be satisfied with your purchase.

Matching looks

In search of family Christmas sweaters or couples Christmas sweaters? Matching sets are fun ways to liven up any celebration. In addition to wearing matching sweaters to Christmas-related events, parties and gatherings, you can wear them while posing for your annual Christmas-card photo.

What to look for in a quality Christmas sweater


At Christmastime, the majority of the country experiences chilly weather. Temperatures in southern states can even dip into sweater weather territory during December. Instead of focusing solely on appearance, a quality Christmas sweater also provides ample protection from the elements. Many are good for layering and you can wear one wherever you choose to celebrate the holiday.


Despite wearing them for one to several days (at most) each year, top Christmas sweaters are designed with quality materials. These materials are resistant to common sweater issues, including stretching, pilling and unraveling. They are designed to have soft and smooth interiors that aren’t scratchy or itchy. Never sacrifice comfort for looks when buying any seasonal sweater.

Festive print

More likely than not, if you’re purchasing a Christmas sweater, you want it to look festive. Avoiding the extreme of an ugly Christmas sweater, you can still find prints that are fun yet subtle. The degree of “festive” you embrace is up to you. Since this wardrobe item is intended to be merry and joyful, don’t be afraid to venture away from your everyday look.

How much you can expect to spend on a Christmas sweater

Most Christmas sweaters can be purchased for $20-$55.

Christmas sweater FAQ

Is it worth the money to buy a sweater exclusively for Christmas?

A. Individuals looking to welcome the holiday season with open arms should consider buying a Christmas sweater. While some people may choose to wear the sweater only once, a high-quality garment can be worn for years to come. Also, you can purchase most holiday sweaters for a reasonable price.

Should you buy more than one Christmas sweater?

A. Quite a few individuals do. If you’re going to be attending more than one Christmas function (e.g. Christmas school recitals, church events, family gatherings), having multiple looks is a wise idea.

What’s the best Christmas sweater to buy?

Top Christmas sweater

Tipsy Elves Sequin Candy Cane Cardigan

Tipsy Elves Sequin Candy Cane Cardigan

What you need to know: Well-made and extremely soft, this candy-cane-adorned sweater is the ideal balance of festive fun and functionality.

What you’ll love: The cardigan is a soft and durable button-up sweater. Both the top and bottom are lined with bright red fabric. Candy canes and gold stars cover the front and back of the solid black background. Soft, high-quality material ensures comfort while wearing.

What you should consider: This sweater may be too low cut for some individuals.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Christmas sweater for the money

Best Christmas Snowman Graphic Holiday Pullover

Christmas Snowman Graphic Holiday Pullover

What you need to know: Understated yet bold in its own way, this pullover is appropriate for a wide range of occasions.

What you’ll love: Red, white and blue are the predominant colors. Cute coffee glasses and Christmas ornaments are featured in the sweater. You can wear it alone or with a tank top or T-shirt underneath.

What you should consider: The sweater runs smaller in size than expected.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Best v28 Mens Christmas Reindeer Snowman Penguin Santa and Snowflakes Sweater

v28 Men’s Christmas Reindeer Sweater

What you need to know: Families planning on a matching look should consider this line of reindeer sweaters.

What you’ll love: This sweater print comes in sizes for the entire family. Each sweater features contrast trim and a speckled background. An applique of a white-and-black reindeer is on the center of the chest. It is machine washable and made of acrylic.

What you should consider: This design is not as overtly focused on holiday elements as some might desire.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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