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Which Valentine’s basket is best?

Are you tired of giving the same old box of candy and gifts for Valentine’s Day? When you upgrade to a Valentine’s basket, your recipient can enjoy a treasure trove of candy, snacks or gourmet items. 

Besides being presentation-worthy with fancy wrapping, Valentine’s baskets are also practical. They contain a wealth of indulgences, and their attractive baskets can often be repurposed. The Wine Country Gift Baskets The Ghirardelli Chocolate Gift Tower is a perfect choice for a Valentine with a sweet tooth.

What to know before you buy a Valentine’s basket

What comes in a Valentine’s basket?

In the past, gift baskets typically contained candy, fruit or sweet treats. These days, the sky’s the limit. That means there’s a high probability you’ll find the ideal Valentine’s Day gift basket for any recipient, including one who is hard to shop for.

  • Gourmet baskets, often themed based on cuisine or flavor profile, feature specialty food items.
  • Spa baskets contain a wealth of self-care items, including body wash, face masks and bathrobes
  • Comfort food baskets include go-to foods for cozy meals at home, such as chicken soup or favorite snacks.
  • Wine-themed baskets may include one or more bottles of wine accompanied by wine glasses, cheese boards or chocolate.

Popular variations

In its purest form, a Valentine’s basket is packaged in a basket, whether it’s made of wicker, tin, wood or leather. Deluxe boxed assortments are often placed in the gift basket category because the only thing that differs between them and baskets is the receptacle type. A few gift assortments are packaged in novelty or unique containers, including mailboxes, planters and luggage.

What to look for in a quality Valentine’s basket

Delivery options

When you order a Valentine’s gift basket from retailers such as Amazon or Macy’s, you won’t have the option to select delivery dates. Instead, your options for a delivery window are based on the cost you’re prepared to pay for shipping. As a result, if you intend to purchase one from these retailers, shop early so it arrives in time for Valentine’s Day.

You can also purchase a Valentine’s gift basket through a dedicated basket company if you want it delivered on a particular day. Although these companies provide day-specific shipping options, you’ll pay a premium to have the basket delivered during off-peak times or on holidays. 

Decorative packaging 

What sets Valentine’s gift baskets apart from others is decorative packaging. Depending on the design, baskets may feature popular Valentine’s Day colors, such as red, pink and white. Other baskets may have more involved packaging that features heart- and rose-inspired accents. A few baskets even come with banners or signs that say “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Insulated packaging

Certain food-themed Valentine’s gift baskets are shipped in insulated packaging, which may include plastic foam containers or ice packs. This occurs most often with baskets that include fresh fruit or food that can melt or spoil, such as chocolate, cheese and meat. Fortunately, the insulated packaging is typically included in the regular shipping price. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Valentine’s basket

Small Valentine’s baskets with fewer brand-name items cost about $30, but if you’re looking for a premium assortment, be prepared to spend $75-$150. Deluxe and specialty Valentine’s gift baskets that include high-end food, wine and accessories may run as high as $350. 

Valentine’s basket FAQ

How do I know whether a Valentine’s basket was delivered?

A. It varies among retailers. Some companies send shipping updates and even let you know the exact time the basket was delivered. Others only provide delivery confirmation. However, if you can’t view information about your order online, you can contact the retailer directly for status updates. 

What are popular Valentine’s baskets for kids?

A. Snack baskets remain popular for kids, teens and college students. Movie night-themed baskets are well-received because they often come with gourmet popcorn and candy. There are also simple gift baskets that include plush animals and candy. 

What are the best Valentine’s baskets to buy?

Top Valentine’s basket

Best Wine Country Gift Baskets The Ghirardelli Chocolate Gift Tower

Wine Country Gift Baskets The Ghirardelli Chocolate Gift Tower 

What you need to know: This basket is perfect for the chocolate-lover in your life. 

What you’ll love: It contains a range of chocolate treats, including chocolate squares, chocolate drops, chocolate-covered caramel corn and double chocolate hot cocoa. 

What you should consider: It’s not a good gift for someone who’s not that into chocolate or would prefer a mix of sweet and savory.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Valentine’s basket for money

Best Simple Orchards Gourmet Nuts Gift Basket

Simple Orchards Gourmet Nuts Gift Basket 

What you need to know: This basket contains a selection of seven types of freshly roasted nuts. 

What you’ll love: The nuts are super fresh and roasted in small batches. You get a variety of nut types and seasonings to please most people. There’s a red box option that’s great for Valentine’s Day.

What you should consider: The type of nuts included with each box varies, so you can’t be entirely sure what the recipient will get.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Wine Country Gift Baskets The Gourmet Choice Italian Basket

Wine Country Gift Baskets The Gourmet Choice Italian Basket

What you need to know: If you know someone who likes gourmet snacking, this Italian assortment includes over a dozen delectable treats. 

What you’ll love: The basket is handsome with its burgundy theme and elegant tote. It includes snacks made by popular brands, such as Nonni and Hammond’s. The basket is neatly packaged to prevent damage during shipping.

What you should consider: Some people noted that the basket appeared much different in person.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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