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Which Copper Fit compression socks are best?

Compression socks are used to treat many conditions and symptoms such as swelling and poor circulation. They are particularly effective for those with jobs or responsibilities that see them standing for hours on end. Copper Fit compression socks are an excellent midrange brand with an unusual property — it infuses its socks with copper to combat odors.

The best Copper Fit compression socks are the Copper Fit Energy Unisex Easy-On/Easy-Off Knee-High Compression Socks. They treat everything from the calf down for a reasonable price.

What to know before you buy Copper Fit compression socks

How they work

Compression socks are designed to assist the veins in your legs. By compressing your legs, ankles and feet, they help your veins stay narrow and straight, keeping your blood flowing as it’s supposed to. This treats and prevents a variety of conditions, based on the specifics of a given compression sock.

Types of Copper Fit compression socks

There are two main categories of compression sock: graduated compression and anti-embolism or thrombo-embolic deterrent.

  • Graduated socks are the most common — all Copper Fit socks are this variety. They are used to treat everything from swelling and general discomfort to severe venous disorders. They are tightest around the ankle and have decreasing levels of compression the further from the ankle they go.
  • Anti-embolism or TED socks are meant for bedridden patients to help maintain proper blood flow while immobilized.

What to look for in quality Copper Fit compression socks

Compression level

There are four levels of compression you can find in compression socks with each treating more severe issues. Compression is measured in millimeters of mercury. Copper Fit socks have mild to moderate compression.

  • Mild socks have 8-15 mmHg and treat general discomfort as well as work as a preventative for venous issues. 
  • Moderate socks have 15-20 mmHg and treat swelling, general pain and mild venous issues.
  • Firm socks have 20-30 mmHg and treat severe venous issues. They cannot be used if any swelling is present.
  • Extra-firm socks have 30-40 mmHG and can only be prescribed by a doctor for the most severe issues.

Ease of care

Most of Copper Fit’s compression socks are machine-washable and -dryable. This may be the easiest care method, but it can also stretch out or otherwise damage the socks. Therefore, it’s typically best to gently hand wash and either air dry or low-heat tumble dry your Copper Fit compression socks.

There may be additional care instructions for a given pair of Copper Fit compression socks. Always double-check for these before washing.

How much you can expect to spend on Copper Fit compression socks

Copper Fit compression socks typically cost $10-$30 depending on the type and amount of pairs included. Most single pairs cost $10-$20 while most two- or three-pair bundles cost $15-$30.

Copper Fit compression socks FAQ

Is it safe to wear compression socks if I don’t have any health concerns?

A. Yes, and it’s often considered a good idea. Those who stand or walk for long stretches of time can be less fatigued with good compression socks, pregnant people receive relief from their swelling, and athletes appreciate the increased circulation and cushioning. You may also simply like the way they feel and fit — that’s perfectly fine, too.

How long can I wear compression socks at one time?

A. That depends on how much they compress and why you’re wearing them. Low compression socks worn for general reasons can typically be worn all day, so long as you remain comfortable wearing them. Mid- and higher-level compression socks, and those worn for medical reasons, should only be worn for as many hours as your doctor has prescribed.

Never wear any kind of compression sock overnight unless explicitly told to by your doctor — it can restrict your circulation.

What are the best Copper Fit compression socks to buy?

Top Copper Fit compression socks

Copper Fit Energy Unisex Easy-On/Easy-Off Knee-High Compression Socks

Copper Fit Energy Unisex Easy-On/Easy-Off Knee-High Compression Socks

What you need to know: Providing extra support for your feet — including the arch — and your calves, these are Copper Fit’s classic socks.

What you’ll love: They come in black or white and in four sizes. They’re made of nylon and polyester for comfort and some spandex for fit, plus they’re infused with copper to help combat odors. 

What you should consider: There’s only one pair. Some consumers found them too tight, or harder to take off and put on than the name suggests. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Copper Fit compression socks for the money

Copper Fit Energy Unisex Ankle Length Compression Socks

Copper Fit Energy Unisex Ankle Length Compression Socks

What you need to know: These are perfect for those who dislike longer socks.

What you’ll love: Each pack includes two pairs, making this among Copper Fit’s most affordable packages. The socks’ backs have a heel tab to prevent them from slipping into your shoe. They have extra cushioning for comfort and cooling panels for breathability and moisture-wicking.

What you should consider: They provide no support for your calves. Some reported them to run extra small. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Copper Fit Energy Women’s Easy-On/Easy-Off Knee High Compression Socks

Copper Fit Energy Women’s Easy-On/Easy-Off Knee High Compression Socks

What you need to know: This is a more colorful set of socks.

What you’ll love: Each pack contains three pairs of socks — one gray, one blue and one purple — and they come in two sizes. They’re marketed toward women but can be worn by anyone — simply convert the women-based sizing to your usual sizing chart.

What you should consider: Some customers were unhappy with the thinness of the material. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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