ALGOMA TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Wolverine Worldwide announced Friday that the company is expanding its whole-house filtration program to two new areas.

The company said in its blog that it will pay for testing, bottled water service, single-tap and whole-house filtration systems for homes in the Jewell and Wolven study areas that have tested positive for PFAS. According to maps posted in the company’s blog, the Jewell study area is in the area of Jewell Avenue, between 10 and 11 Mile Roads, and the Wolven study area is east of US-131, north of 10 Mile Road. Both are within Algoma Township.>>Inside Complete coverage of the toxic tap water investigation

Wolverine has already paid for the installation of whole-house water filtration systems in hundreds of Belmont-area homes, both in the study area and buffer zones.

 >>App users: Interactive map of toxic tap water

Wolverine said in its blog that residents who are eligible for the whole-house filtration systems will be contacted by Culligan for installation.