Trump joins demonstrators at March for Life


WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — Thousands of anti-abortion protesters from around the country converged on National Mall in Washington Friday for the 47th annual March for Life, joined by President Donald Trump.

It was the first time a sitting president attended the event, something Trump called a “profound honor” during a midday speech. He was met with raucous cheers as the told the massive crowd he was keeping his promise to fight against abortion.

March attendees said his mere presence gave them hope that the country could be moving in a new direction on abortion.

“It’s nice that we have a president that supports pro-life,” Deacon Jeffont of Connecticut said.

“I can’t even begin to explain how much this means,” said Sara Gaz of Michigan.

The country remains strongly divided about abortion ahead of the November presidential election. Trump is hoping to galvanize the movement.

“I am truly proud to stand with you,” he said.

Marchers Christine and Ben Batalla said the president’s stance could win their votes.

“It’s good to have someone on our side,” Christine Batalla said.

“It really shows that he’s actually serious about this,” Ben Batalla added, “which is huge for voters like me who are still very much in the middle and I’m not really a single-issue voter.”

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