WASHINGTON, D.C. (Nexstar) — As the Presidential campaign has gone “virtual” during the coronavirus lockdown, President Trump and likely Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden are continuing to campaign — from home. 

Trump: from the White House, Biden: from his Delaware home. 

But Republican National Committee chairperson Ronna McDaniel says the GOP will draw the line at voting from home. McDaniel is promising a nationwide effort to fight mail-in ballots, which she — and Trump — say are at higher risk for voter fraud.

“Upending the entire election process with six months to go, it just doesn’t make sense… especially in states that haven’t gone a thorough audit to make sure they are not sending dead ballots to people who moved away or passed away,” says McDaniel.

California is the first state to make widespread voting by mail an option, although California Governor Gavin Newsom says the polls will remain open if residents choose to vote in person. He also says that voters should not have to be put in a situation they feel is unsafe.

But McDaniel says if a registered voter is uncomfortable going to the polls, they should request an absentee ballot.

Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn says mail-in voting could overwhelm our election system.

But some Democrats argue that under the current circumstances, voting in person simply isn’t safe.

California Democratic Senator Kamala Harris says ensuring a safe Election Day this November needs to be a national priority.