WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — Democrats took the first step in charging Attorney General William Barr with contempt for failing to turn over the Mueller Report and all related information.

“The Trump Administration is taking obstruction of Congress to new heights,” said House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler.

Negotiations between the committee and Barr broke down Tuesday evening, and President Trump then issued an order to withhold all of the Mueller documents from Congress. 

California Congressman Eric Swalwell says it’s too late for the President to claim Executive Privilege. 

“It was waived by Don McGhan when he spilled the number of times Donald Trump has obstructed justice,” he said.

But Republican lawmakers say it’s too soon to charge Attorney General Barr with contempt and they say much of the additional information is secret Grand Jury testimony.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Democratic leaders were given the chance to see a more complete version of the report.

“Not a single Democrat has even taken the time to go and look at it,” she said.

But Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal says the rules made it pointless as lawmakers were not allowed to discuss it or act on it.

“It means there is no oversight over the utilization of public power in the White House for personal gain,” Jayapal said. She says the president’s threat to fight all Congressional subpoenas will provoke a constitutional crisis.