WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – Democrats have made a big decision that will impact Democratic presidential candidates

“The yay’s clearly have it and congratulations to all of us,” said DNC Co-Chair James Roosevelt Jr.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is bumping the Iowa caucus to move South Carolina’s primary to the front of the line. That contest will then be followed by New Hampshire and Nevada together.

“We accept that and accept what the will of the President is,” Rules and Bylaws Committee member Artie Blanco said.

Then Georgia and Michigan. Iowa representatives say it’s the wrong move.

“We’re not pleased with the recommendation,” said Iowa DNC representative Scott Brennan.”I think it misses the point, it does not acknowledge the significant changes that we decided to make to the Iowa caucuses.”

The new order is the preference of President Joe Biden, who is urging the DNC to prioritize voters of color so they can make their voices heard earlier in the election process.

“This is a bold window that reflects the value of our party and worth fighting for,” DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee member Minyon Moore said.

Most members of the DNC support the change.

“This is what our party looks like. This is what America looks like,” DNC member Stewart Applebaum.

“We’re here to win elections and that’s why we need Michigan to be part of that,” said DNC member Ray Curry.

However, Iowa isn’t the only state objecting. New Hampshire DNC representative Joanne Dowdell says becoming the second primary would violate her state’s laws.

“It is not in the best interest of this body to even suggest that we do that,” Dowdell said.

The changes are expected to be put in place starting in 2024.