Biden to release details Wednesday on massive infrastructure program


WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — President Joe Biden will head to Pittsburgh Wednesday to unveil details about his nearly $3 trillion infrastructure plan designed to improve roads, bridges and schools.

The plan is already facing backlash from conservatives, who say the price tag is simply too big, but White House press secretary Jen Psaki says it’s “an investment in America.”

In addition to fixing up roads, railways and failing bridges, the plan would direct billions to green energy initiatives and address issues like child care.

“Some of it is certainly infrastructure, shovel-ready projects,” Psaki said. “Some if it is: How do we expand broadband access? Some of it is ensuring that we are addressing the needs in people’s homes and communities.”

But it’s that variation that will face a hurdle in Capitol Hill Republicans.

“I’m becoming more pessimistic that it’ll be bipartisan,” Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Ill., said.

He called the plan another liberal wish list.

“What they’re going to do is try to pass many of the New Green Deal measures and then disguise it under the fake title of infrastructure,” Davis said.

Joel Griffith of The Heritage Foundation, a conservative policy organization, said even if the White House increases taxes on the wealthy, “that’s not enough to pay for all of it.”

Psaki would not comment Tuesday on the specifics of how the administration plans to pay for the plan, but would say it is evaluating the corporate tax code.

“He believes that there’s more than can be done to make the corporate tax code fair; to reward work, not wealth,” she said.

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