Biden administration rolls out $6 trillion budget proposal


WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — The White House on Friday published President Joe Biden’s $6 trillion proposed budget.

The ambitious spending plan includes billions for new government and social programs, setting it up to face fierce Republican opposition. But Biden says the programs — like cash for infrastructure, child care, paid family leave and free community college and preschool — are overdue investments.

“This time when we rebuild the middle class, we have to bring everyone along,” Biden said while visiting Cleveland Thursday.

“The time is now. It’s what our economy needs,” Heather Boushey of the White House Council of Economic Advisers said.

She said the big plans are what the American people want.

“There’s been a lot of polling at this point on what Americans think about it, and they … remain popular with the American people, including in a bipartisan way,” she said.

But they are not popular among congressional Republicans, who oppose more federal spending.

“Nothing is free,” Sen. Roger Marshall, R-Kan., said.

He said increased spending will worsen inflation, which will affect senior citizens on a fixed income, and worsen the already massive national debt. The National Republican Congressional Committee says that by 2024, “the debt as a share of the economy (will) rise to its highest level in American history.”

“I’m just not comfortable borrowing more and more money from our grandchildren,” he said.

But the White House insists the country can afford the spending if Congress agrees to increase taxes on corporations and the wealthiest citizens.

“Over the next few years, it will actually lower deficits,” Boushey said.

But that’s not going to fly with Republicans; Marshall said the higher taxes are “off the table.”

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