GEORGETOWN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — You may have heard the saying “the days are long but the years are short.”

So when the years of your life number 100 or more, you have a few stories to tell.

“I’ve had a good life, an interesting life,” said 100-year-old Jake DeWent.

Ten Centenarians gathered at Sunset Retirement Community in Jenison to celebrate milestones many people never live to see.

Lurene Evoy was born north of Fremont. She is 104 years old.

She says being surrounding by family kept her strong through hard times, and she was still waterskiing at age 70.

“We did an awful lot outdoors and I think it was so good for us. I just think it’s great, the outdoors,” she said.

Being self-employed allowed Jake DeWent the freedom to travel and volunteer. He’s visited 30 countries in his life.

When asked him to identify a highlight of his life, he said it was his birthday party last May, a surprise 100th birthday party thrown by his daughter.

“A lot of people said ‘you must have a lot of friends’ cause there about 200 people there,” DeWent said. “I said ‘no, you’d be surprised what people would do for a piece of free cake, they’d drive for miles.”