Warning: This article contains surveillance video recorded following a homicide. 24 Hour News 8 has censored the video so the victim is not visible. Some viewers may find this video disturbing. Watch at your own discretion.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Surveillance video from a Grand Rapids Community College parking ramp shows a suspected murderer pacing as he apparently tries to decide what do to with the body of the woman he had just fatally stabbed.

Marcus Bivins, 19, faces a charge of open murder in the beating and stabbing death of Jeanne Huntoon, 34.

The video GRCC released Thursday in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act does not show the homicide. 24 Hour News 8 is showing a short portion of it because it demonstrates the suspect’s state of mind just after the crime.

In the video recorded early Saturday, Huntoon lies on the sidewalk along Bostwick Avenue NE just in front of the parking ramp exit. The apparent killer — who police say is Bivins — appears at least four times. He stops near Huntoon’s body, then walks away. At one point, he leans down near her. It appears he is looking for a place to hide her.

The suspect eventually decided to drag Huntoon’s body behind some shrubs next to the parking ramp. 24 Hour News 8 is not showing that portion of the surveillance video.

A witness caught sight of the suspect dragging Huntoon’s body and called police, who discovered her just after 2:45 a.m.

The Grand Rapids Police Department says a tip from a citizen led them to Bivins. According to court records, police say Bivins confessed to the killing and said he would kill again.

GRPD says Huntoon and Bivins did not know one another and described the crime as “a random act of violence.”—–Online:GoFundMe account to help cover Huntoon’s funeral costs