SOUTH HAVEN, Mich. (WOOD) — There were no injuries when a boat capsized at a channel entrance in South Haven on Saturday.

Around 6:55 p.m., South Haven Area Emergency Services and Van Buren Sheriff Marine Patrol responded to the entrance of the Black River Channel in South Haven.

A 30-foot-long boat was capsized when responders arrived. There had been four people on board. Three of them were rescued by people on another boat and the fourth was pulled from the water by people on the pier. There were no injuries reported.

Witnesses told emergency services that when it entered the channel, the people on the boat were already “feverishly bailing water.” An engine had apparently stalled, causing the boat to become swamped, officials said. Waves on Lake Michigan were reportedly three feet high at the time.

The boat will be recovered by a private salvage company, according to emergency services.