BANGOR, Mich. (WOOD) — A jury has decided that the city of Bangor retaliated against a former police chief, firing him because he made a report of sexual harassment.

The jury considering the federal civil lawsuit on Wednesday sided with former Chief Hothman Misane in his lawsuit against the city and Mayor Darren Williams. The jury said Misane was due $1.2 million.

Misane was among three officers who sued the city, the mayor and the police chief in June 2021. They claimed sexual harassment, saying that Chief Tommy Simpson often made graphic comments while speaking to them. Misane, who was hired as a police officer in Bangor in 2017 and later served as chief for less than a year, said he was fired in March 2021 after he tried to file a complaint against Simpson, who was also the city manager.

Last month, a federal judge tossed much of the lawsuit, including all of the counts naming Simpson and the city attorney. Several counts against the city and Williams were also thrown out, but they were still accused of retaliating against Misane. A jury was asked to rule on that matter.

The trial started Monday.