PORTER TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — When a national solar company went bankrupt, a Southwest Michigan man was left with a system that did not produce usable energy, but Steve Poole’s $82,000 backyard solar panel system is now working again after months of frustration.

“It was installed July of last year,” Poole, who lives south of Lawton, said. “It went probably six, eight months before any issues occurred and it was working fantastic and then it started having issues.”

Poole and his wife had purchased a Generac system from solar company Pink Energy, which used to be called Power Home Solar. When Pink Energy filed for bankruptcy, the Pooles were left without a place to call for service.

After News 8 reported on Poole’s situation in October, an employee of a company in metro Detroit that does solar repairs saw what happened and wanted to help.

“Generac (which manufactured the equipment) is turning out to honor their warranty and somebody stepped up and came from a further distance than other people in our area and is getting us going,” Poole said.

K & S Ventures, based in Rochester Hills, was able to solve some problems remotely, according to Joe Dawson, who was part of the team working on repairs. A crew replaced parts on the back of the panels Thursday.

“Eventually we ended up finding more issues with his whole system being shut down because of a voltage limit between the utility company and Generac’s system,” Dawson said.

K & S Ventures is now taking additional calls from former Pink Energy customers with similar problems.

“It takes some legwork from the contractors, approved contractors like we are with Generac, to just simply stay involved with your customers, check on their system,” Dawson said.

Poole said the system should last him for decades.

“Hopefully, I’ll get everything worked out and it will last me the 30 years that it’s supposed to,” Poole said.