ANTWERP TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — A project to build a 20-mile-long power line in Van Buren County has been paused, according to a letter Consumers Energy sent to residents Wednesday.

The utility company said it planned to build a new 20-mile high-voltage distribution line to “deliver more reliable energy to current customers and future growth.”

In early March, residents voiced concerns to Consumers because the plans showed the project would cut through properties, removing any trees within 80 feet of the line. A map plotted the line going through one neighbor’s veteran’s memorial.

A Wednesday letter said all field activities involved with the high-voltage-project were being paused immediately. While Consumers said it is still trying to “evaluate and explore” power routes to the Lawrence area, it said “our mission remains to find a prudent route that is safe with minimized environmental and aesthetic impacts.”

It emphasized the importance of a good relationship with the people in Van Buren County.

“We would like to foster a better relationship with you, our customers and neighbors, and hope that you know we are listening to your concerns. Communication with you will be prioritized as we continue to gather more information and determine our next steps,” the letter read.

Next steps and information on the project can be found on the Consumers Energy website. The company said it will keep in contact with residents and welcomed their feedback.

It encouraged anyone with questions to call the special project hotline at 800.647.8101.