GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — As Ukrainians continue to flee the death and destruction of the Russian invasion, volunteers and good Samaritans continue to welcome them into neighboring countries, including a woman who serves with a Michigan-based nonprofit.

Mihaela Mitrofan is giving more than food, personal care items and other resources. She said she is giving these refugees an opportunity to be seen and heard.

“I want to help our audience and followers see pictures, videos to hear voices of refugees (who) have gone through incredibly difficult experiences,” Mitrofan explained.

The refugees’ accounts of these experiences are documented in a daily video blog from Mitrofan, who serves as Samaritas‘ director for new American programs. She traveled from Michigan to her native home of Romania 12 days ago, where she is among the volunteers welcoming Ukrainian refugees forced out of their homes.

“There are tears. There is despair. There is trauma. The kids cannot sleep at night. The parents are telling us that they don’t know what to do,” Mitrofan said.

She is telling their the stories, from those fleeing to the drivers taking them to safety.

“Once they arrived in Romania, the driver told us that they all clapped and they were tearing up and they were so, so happy to have reached Romanian territory, where they know they will get help,” Mitrofan said.

In turn, she hopes these accounts help those watching and listening to truly understand how real this is.

“Moments like those just gave me an opportunity to hear their stories directly and also to tell them for as long as they can,” Mitrofan said.

Mitrofan’s vlogs can be seen on Samaritas’s website and YouTube page. She will return to Michigan on Saturday.