GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — As gas prices continue to inflate across the country, many drivers are looking for ways to limit the impact on their budgets.

GasBuddy, a free app that shares up-to-date gas prices at over 150,000 gas stations throughout North America, is making it easier for drivers to save money or earn money — with little extra effort.


The first step to saving money is by enrolling with GasBuddy.

All you have to do is open the GasBuddy app, tap the savings icon at the bottom of the screen and hit “Join for Free.” Then, follow the instructions to create your account.

To enroll on a website, click here and follow the instructions to enroll.



When looking for gas on the GasBuddy app, you can filter by fuel type and amenities to make sure you don’t have to drive around as much.


When you open the GasBuddy app and click on “Find Gas” on the home page, you will be taken to a map of that shows the nearest gas stations to you and their last listed prices. If you click on “list” in the top right corner, you can find a list of gas prices and the spread, or the highest and lowest gasoline in your area.

GasBuddy says that prices can vary by over $1, so checking the app is a good way to save up to a few dollars at the pump.


The first and easiest way to save money — up to 25 cents a gallon — is with the “Pay with GasBuddy” card.

“We have a payments card, Pay with GasBuddy, that’s been out for about five years, and … we have deals called ‘deal alerts’ on the app that (you can get) if you have the Pay with GasBuddy card, which by the way links with your checking account,” Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, explained.

According to the GasBuddy website, the card can only be used at gas pumps and doesn’t show the discounted amount because it is calculated after the purchase but before it is withdrawn from your checking account.

Savings with the GasBuddy card can be combined with other loyalty and rewards programs at the pump, as long as the loyalty card isn’t a payment card, the website said.

For anyone wanting to save an extra few cents, De Haan recommends downloading the GasBuddy app and getting a GasBuddy card.


When you open your GasBuddy app and look at stations nearby, you may see that some have a Deal Alert above the price. The Deal Alert saves you cents on the dollar per gallon of gas. However, you have to activate the deal before you pump your gas. The money can then be used on future gas purchases with the Pay with GasBuddy card.


When using your GasBuddy card and Deal Alerts, you just need to activate the deal before pumping gas. The discount will be applied to the transaction before the money is withdrawn from your account.

“You won’t see our discount at the pump or on the station-provided receipt. You will receive a receipt from GasBuddy and be able to review the discount received for that purchase,” the GasBuddy website said.


You can also upload a photo of your receipt to take advantage of the extra savings, if you’re not paying with your Pay with GasBuddy card.

You will need to preactivate the deal and then upload a photo of the receipt for the gas that was purchased within the time limit of the activation.

GasBuddy said that “there is a time limit for uploading your receipt and Deal Alerts of 6 c/gallon or less will not have the upload receipt option.”


Many gas stations and retailers offer fuel points. You can get the most out of your savings by stacking these with your GasBuddy card.

For information on how to stack rewards with specific programs, click here.


Under the “My Car” tab on the GasBuddy app, you can keep track of your driving habits and learn about small suggestions you can make to save more on fuel, according to the app’s website.

“GasBuddy is able to detect speeding, braking, and acceleration through a combination of geo-coordinates, gyroscope, and accelerometer information that your phone already tracks,” the website said.

Each individual drive can be selected to see details such as time spent driving, hard brakes, accelerations or speeding that may negatively impact your fuel efficiency.


GasBuddy offers ways for users to save on everyday produces and services. To do this, you need to create a Shop Your Way account.

Shop Your Way, when linked with GasBuddy, allows you to use your GasBuddy points on items or services that you need — not just gasoline.

“Members are eligible for $0.30 per gallon CASHBACK in points for 60 days after enrollment. After the initial 60 days, members will be eligible for $0.15 per gallon CASHBACK in Points,” the GasBuddy website said.

For more information, visit this website



Every day, GasBuddy gives a user $100 in free gas. To enter to win, you have to earn points. Each entry is 1,000 points. Points can be earned by completing challenges or reporting prices.


You can earn fuel points by completing challenges on the app. Challenges range from reporting prices to visiting certain website.

For information on challenges, click on the “win” tab of the app and select “Challenges.”


Are you planning on taking a road trip soon? Plan your gas stops ahead of time and estimate your cost with GasBuddy’s Trip Cost Calculator.

To use the calculator, enter your starting location and destination along with your vehicle’s information. The calculator will then tell you the best gas stations along the route to get gas, an estimate of how much it will cost and what your savings will be.


If you want to save even more a the pump, you can purchase a premium membership for either $9.99 per month for a 12-month term or $99 for an entire year.

The premium memberships allow users to save up to 40 cents a gallon by activating “Deal Alerts” before pumping gas. It also provides three roadside assistance events such as towing, fuel delivery, flat tire service and more.

For more money-saving tips, visit GasBuddy’s website.