GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The latest member of the State House of Representatives shares how she came to her new position in Lansing, and a candidate for governor continues to campaign despite a challenge to her spot on the ballot.

“To be honest, a while back I noticed there was a pretty homogenous representation for this area,” Rep. Carol Glanville, D-Walker, said. “…This was a couple years ago when I made this observation. I thought, there’s room here for some new perspective and it might be time for a change in the next couple of years when the opportunity presents itself. And so with redistricting and the timing of Senator Huizenga leaving his seat, it just seemed like a good window of opportunity to jump into the arena.”

Republican candidate Tudor Dixon says she would support skilled trades training as part of her education plan.

“How do you get into middle and junior high schools and start talking about, well let’s start there, let’s get involved. Let’s have public-private partnerships like you see here at Pioneer to get kids involved and explain to them that these careers have changed,” she said. “That you don’t have to, if a college degree is not right for you, you can still make a very good salary in a skilled trade. It is a career, we have to get away from the idea that it’s a dirty job.”

Plus, U.S. Sen. Gary Peters talks about his new legislation to protect the Great Lakes.

All that and more on this “To The Point” episode for the weekend of May 21.