GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — On this “To The Point,” we continue getting reactions to the state budget and the first six months of the legislative session from lawmakers from Kalamazoo to Six Lakes.

State Rep. Julie Rogers, D-Kalamazoo, says not everything in Lansing is done along party lines, even though it sometimes seems that way.

“I will say because we have a slim majority, 56 … I’ve always been a bi-partisan kind of person, but I think it’s really pragmatic to be bi-partisan because any day of the week we could have a member missing,” she said.

Rep. Pat Outman, R-Six Lakes, says he is not happy with the budget particularly when it comes to roads.

“Infrastructure was probably the biggest disappointment in this budget. When we have experts saying we need $2 to 4 billion of additional spending into our transportation fund, into our roads and bridges, you accommodate that need. You scale back spending in other areas and try to make that fit. This budget doesn’t do that,” he said.

All that and more on this “To The Point” episode for the weekend of Aug. 5.