GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — On this “To The Point” Democrats say they want to give Michiganders tax relief and Republicans say Democrats are trying to take away income tax cuts — it all culminated with acrimony in both chambers.

Republicans shouted in outrage as a bill was put on the floor with no debate that the GOP says would kill an automatic income tax rollback.

House Republicans erupted when Democrats forced a vote on a tax relief plan they say will kill an automatic income tax rollback.

“It’s a travesty and it’s a mockery of this institution. I can’t fathom it, all to increase taxes on every single Michigander. I don’t get it,” Republican Floor Leader Bryan Posthumus, R-Cannon Township, SAID.

When Republicans adjourned the Senate while Democrats were in caucus the Senate Majority Leader expressed her displeasure.

“This was just a petulant act and it was really disrespectful both to the institution but more important than my relationship with the minority here is the disrespect it shows for the voters.” She went on to say “It was really just a procedural maneuver that was just a temper tantrum,” State Sen. Winnie Brinks, D-Grand Rapids, said.

Animosity at the state capitol, what will it mean for how your government operates on this “To The Point” episode for the weekend of Feb. 11.