GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — On this week’s “To The Point,” we’re mapping out the state’s energy future and what that might mean for you and your pocketbook.

Democratic Kalamazoo Sen. Sean McCann, the chairman of the Energy and Environment Committee, discussed the goals of rewriting energy policy.

“We’re really trying to get Michigan to set a new clean energy standard that moves us and our publicly held and regulated utilities as fast as possible into renewable energy usage while keeping prices affordable,” McCann said.

Republican Rep. Bryan Posthumus from Kent County said Democrats plans miss the mark and utility consumers want two basic things.

“They’re looking for two things in our energy. They’re looking for low cost and high reliability, those are the two primary things,” Posthumus said. “And the Democrats’ Green New Deal that they’re pushing right now is going to do the opposite on both. It’s going to make costs go up and reliability go down.”

Michigan’s energy future and what it could mean to you — we’ll talk about it on this “To The Point.”