GRAND RAPIDS: Mich. (WOOD) — Michigan’s role in the 2020 election could be more impactful that you think.

Above, “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd explains to “To The Point” why NBC News is narrowing in on Kent County — one of five focus counties for the network — leading up to the presidential election.

In state politics, even as the Legislature is taking a break there is still a lot of activity in Lansing. State Sen. Sylvia Santana, D-Detroit, is among a number of lawmakers working to help protect victims of abuse and guarantee they are not victimized again.

“Domestic violence is an issue that impact so many people in our state. One in six women are impacted by domestic violence as well as one in nine men, surprisingly, and I think that it’s important that we address this issue in several ways,” Santana said. “I think that if you can help an individual to get out of that situation by making sure that they have the support services from our Health and Human Services Department when it comes to maybe getting SNAP benefits housing or being able to move forward in their life, that’s something that is key.”

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