GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — With another election cycle coming up this year, County Clerks from Kent and Ottawa are sharing what you need to know for the upcoming elections.

Justin Roebuck from Ottawa County says the 2020 election saw a shift in the way people vote.

“We did see a big shift in that particularly in 2020, right? We had a global pandemic. People were kind of uncertain as to what the process was going to look like in the precincts. A lot of folks opted to vote absentee certainly we say an increase. In fact, our primary election in Ottawa County, the August 2020 primary, we had 68% absentee,” he said.

In Kent County, Lisa Posthumus Lyons wants voters to remember that the county lines have changed for many of the offices that are up for a vote this year.

“And would be remiss too, if I didn’t mention not only have these congressional and legislative districts changed, we have major changes in the counties. Justin and I both sat on our county’s apportionment commissions where we redrew the county lines too, and we’ve got significant changes at the county level,” she said.

Prepare for a big election cycle on this “To The Point” episode for the weekend of April 9.