FRISCO, Texas (MEDIA GENERAL) – Most of us have dreamed of ways we’d like to get revenge for fines we think are unfair, but one Texas man made those dreams a reality.

Brett Sanders was going 39 mph in a 30 mph zone when he was pulled over and given a speeding ticket, carrying a $79.90 fine plus $132.10 in court costs for a total of $212.

Rather than just send in a check, Sanders went into the Frisco, Texas Municipal Court with two buckets filled with more than $220 worth of pennies and dumped them on the counter.

Judging by the reaction ” target=”_blank”>the video has gotten so far, maybe Sanders should have kept his need for revenge as just a dream after all:

“The people who had to count that money didn’t give you the ticket. None of the people who you were upset at suffered. You just caused unnecessary trouble for some poor woman who seemed nice.”

“I don’t get what your trying to do here are u tying to show something or prove something your just messing up someone’s day making them pay in pennies for no reason just because u were speeding.”

“Have you done like third grade math? 39 is bigger than 30 therefore you were speeding so pay and shut up.”

Catherine Ross, interactive media manager for the city of Frisco, said the pennies were counted using two Coinstar locations and took staff about three hours.

There was an overpayment of $7.81 and the city is still waiting on Sanders to pick up his receipt and the change.

Ross said staff members recall at least one other time when someone paid in pennies.