KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — A fired FBI agent who worked to investigate the plot to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has accepted a plea agreement for charges of assaulting his wife.

Richard Trask told the judge Monday he has no memory of the July assault but takes responsibility for what happened.

Trask pleaded no contest to a charge of aggravated assault and has agreed to never work in law enforcement in the state of Michigan.

The judge sentenced him to two days of time served, court fines and fees, and no probation.

Investigators say Trask had attended a swinger’s party with his wife at an Oshtemo Township hotel.

Prosecutors say he choked his wife and hit her head against the nightstand later that night, and that they made the plea agreement mainly because she refused to cooperate on the case. 

Trask’s wife Heather Foulke spoke in his defense during the sentencing, saying she believes he had a reaction with alcohol and a prescription medication and may have been drugged with GHB at the party.

“I told the deputy that night that we left the party abruptly because something happened that I did not like. I told him my husband was acting weird. I also told him that I found it odd that over the course of that night my husband and I both consumed the same number of alcoholic beverages that strangely I was completely sober, but my husband was not,” Foulke said.

Trask spoke asking for leniency before the judge issued his sentence.

“As the result of the situation I’ve lost the only career I’ve known. My retirement is gone. I’ve lost friends. My reputation has been destroyed. My children have had to face questions. My wife has faced harassment. My family has had to further suffer because I can no longer provide for them,” Trask said.

He says his wife has forgiven him and he has sought counseling.

“The events in July were a tragedy. I take full responsibility for my actions which caused pain and suffering to my wife and to my family,” Trask said.