KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — Jeff Titus, who served more than 21 years in prison for a wrongful conviction in a double murder, is suing a pair of cold case detectives for $100 million.

The federal lawsuit was filed Tuesday, just weeks after the state of Michigan paid Titus $1 million out of its wrongful incarceration fund.

The lawsuit, filed by attorney Wolf Mueller, is against retired cold case detectives Michael Werkema and Mike Brown.

Brown and Werkema both have told Target 8 they still believe Titus is the killer.

A jury in 2002 convicted Titus of the 1990 murders of hunters Doug Estes and Jim Bennett in Kalamazoo County without hearing anything about an alternate suspect: serial killer Thomas Dillon, who was identified by two witnesses. Dillon later died in prison.

That was the reason the attorney general’s office worked with the University of Michigan Innocence Clinic to set him free.

A Target 8 investigation in 2017 also revealed that cold case detectives who investigated the deaths ignored alibi witnesses that put Titus miles away at the time of the murders.

In a press release, Titus’s attorney said that Werkema and Brown failed to tell the prosecutor about the possible Dillon connection.

A woman and her son had picked Dillon out of a lineup as the man whose car was stuck in a ditch about the time of the murders and not far away.

“Jeff Titus is suing the two cold case detectives, Michael Werkema and Michael Brown, for intentionally hiding evidence that would have shown that Thomas Dillon, who had been picked out of a lineup by two witnesses and pled guilty to killing five outdoorsmen by shooting them with a long gun, was the most likely suspect in the murders,” Mueller wrote. “Given the lack of any substantive evidence against Titus, an acquittal would have been the likely outcome.”