Target 8: No-show refrigerator leads to billing battle


IONIA, Mich. (WOOD) — An Ionia County couple says they plan to shop elsewhere after nearly being stuck with hundreds of dollars in bills for a refrigerator that never arrived.

The couple turned to Target 8 for help after running into roadblocks at the Menards store in Ionia.

In August, Diana and Robby Walker visited the Menards store in Ionia. The couple paid cash for a new dishwasher and ordered a matching LG refrigerator, which they were told would be in store in 1-2 weeks.

The Walkers charged the refrigerator to their new Menards credit card. In addition to the sales price, the couple was eligible for an 11 percent rebate on their purchases.

Diana went home and filed for the rebate, and when the first credit card bill came she sent in a payment of $150.

Then their difficulties started. Five weeks after their initial order, the new refrigerator was still not in. The next time the couple visited Menards, Diana went to the appliance section to check on the delay.

“I knew there was trouble when she called me in (from the) lumber (section) and said, ‘You better get over here because you aren’t going to believe this,” Robby told Target 8. “She says, ‘They just told me it’s been discontinued; we can’t get it.’”

Menards offered to the couple a different refrigerator, but the Walkers weren’t interested.

“I said, ‘Cancel the order, I don’t want it. I don’t want to order a refrigerator. I just want my money back,’” Robby recounted.

Menards issued a refund to the Walkers’ credit card, but deducted more than $200 for the rebate, which had yet to arrive, as well as the taxable portion of the rebate. It wasn’t a big issue if the rebate was coming in cash. However, this rebate was for in-store credit, which can only be used at Menards.

“So now we were out the $150 she sent to the credit card company, plus we got the rebate they took away and we had to pay for,” explained Robby.

“Nobody should have to take money out of their pocket for something they never got,” Diana added.

Robby and Diana went to the Ionia Menards store several times in hopes of resolving the issue, but they say the managers there were unable to get them a full refund.

“They said there was no help that they could do at the store level; we’re stuck with it,” said Robby. “One of the managers even said, ‘Why did you send in the rebate if you don’t want it?’ I said, ‘At the time I would have spent it, but now I can’t get the refrigerator. I want my money back to spend on another refrigerator elsewhere.’”

Target 8 reached out to Menards’ corporate office in Wisconsin and helped the Walkers file a claim with the company. A week later, Menards issued a full refund to their credit card. The couple was also reimbursed for the $150 payment they made to the credit card.

The company told the couple the local store can adjust the rebate to the correct amount the next time they come into the store.

As for a new refrigerator: “We’ll go somewhere else other than Menards,” said Robby.

“We’ll be shopping around more,” added Diana.

Menards’ corporate office has not commented on the situation, other than confirming that the refund was paid in full.

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