WHITE PIGEON, Mich. (WOOD) — The stabilization process will soon start for the White Pigeon building that housed the Tasty Nut Shop and Soda Bar.

The building had been condemned after a structural engineer’s report for the village concluded it “has outlived its life, is beyond repair, and it needs to be demolished.”

But an agreement with the group that owns the building — which said other structural engineers disagreed with the conclusion — and White Pigeon saved the building from demolition.

A spokesperson for Union Hall Block Building, Inc., which owns the building, told News 8 its contractor has received the needed materials and work is set to start on Jan. 23. The process is expected to go through Feb. 2.

Part of the process will include installing mesh to hold it together, one of the stipulations in White Pigeon’s agreement with Union Hall Block Building.

Once the stabilization work is done, the group will create plans for the next phase of saving the historic building. Union Hall Block Building previously told News 8 the plans could include retail spaces, a re-opened Tasty Nut Shop and a museum.