CENTREVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) — It’s been almost five years since a southwest Michigan woman disappeared without a trace. Saturday, family and supporters will hold a rally to demand answers.

Nov. 30, 2018, was the last time Brittany Shank was seen off Fawn River Road, east of Sturgis, with a man believed to be in his 20s. Since then, there have been no arrests or breakthroughs in the case. A Saturday rally will have supporters demanding answers near and far.

“We’ve never gotten any answers … there’s always these crazy horror stories about what happened to her. That’s what we live with every single day,” said Jessica Nichole, Shank’s mother.

For the last 11 months, James Baysinger dove into the cold case with season three of his podcast “Hide & Seek” — talking to family, locals and others possibly involved while learning more about what may have happened.

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He promised the family he would be right alongside them throughout the process.

“‘I will not leave your side. I will not turn on you guys. I want to find her. And I’m going … to be with you until we do,’ and he’s been right there this whole time,” said Nichole of Baysinger’s words.

Sturgis resident Jackie Milliman lives not too far from where Shank was last seen. After she started listening to Hide & Seek, she wanted to do something.

“I started listening and as you listen, you become invested in this case and you become invested with this family and the nightmare they have been through,” said Milliman.

She organized a rally for 10 a.m. Saturday outside the St. Joseph County Sheriff’s Office on Main Street.

“With knowledge comes responsibility and we have knowledge of this case. So, it becomes the responsibility of us as a community to come alongside this family, encourage, support and help them with this case and help them find answers,” Milliman said.

Prayers, memories and statements will be shared at the rally, including from Baysinger and his crew.

“She is more than just a missing person in this podcast. She is a daughter, a sister, a mother, a friend. We want the family to be able to get up and honor her memory and share what Brittany meant to them and who she was to them,” said Milliman.

With zero contact from Shank since her disappearance and little details on the man she was last seen with, attendees will also be urging the St. Joseph County Sheriff’s office to continue searching for her.

“We would like to see them keep moving, that they have our encouragement and our support from the community in this case,” said Milliman.

Brittany’s family is also planning to attend the rally.

“Hopefully, the end result is what we know what happened to my daughter. And we want the people responsible to pay for what they’ve done. We want to know,” said Nichole.

The St. Joseph County Sheriff’s Office released a brief comment, saying that they “remain focused on the missing persons investigation of Brittany, and (they) continue to work diligently to locate her and understand the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.”

“Hope gets dimmer every day, honestly. It gets dimmer and dimmer. But I try to stay positive, on that note, and I pray for the best,” Nichole said.