CENTREVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) — St. Joseph County deputies say someone was scammed out of thousands of dollars by fraudsters who called claiming to be the victim’s grandson and then showed up to collect the money.

The sheriff’s said someone called claiming to be the grandson of the victim, a St. Joseph County resident, and said he had been arrested for a traffic offense and needed money to bail out of jail. A woman’s voice could then be heard on the call, who said she was a lawyer from New York who was representing the “grandson” in Michigan City, Indiana.

The pair said they needed $8,000 cash to pay the bail. The victim was told to go to the bank and pick up the money and then call back. Then the lawyer said she was sending a bail bondsman to come pick up the money.

Five minutes later, a six-foot-tall white man who looked around 30 to 40 years old showed up at the door. The victim told police he was well-dressed and thin with a well-trimmed beard. He collected the money and left the home in a hurry, in a 1990’s or 2000’s grey or brown Toyota Camry.

The victim then called the real grandson, who said he was never arrested and was not involved in the scam.

The St. Joseph County Sheriff’s Office reminded people that it will never send deputies or bail bondsmen to your home to collect cash. If you think you’re being scammed, contact dispatch at 269.467.4195 or 911 before handing over money.