SOUTH HAVEN, Mich. (WOOD) — A high water level at a beach in South Haven is threatening one of its biggest days of the year.

City officials say their annual firework show at the pier brings in thousands of people, but right now — they don’t have a safe place to host it.

“We’ve had mornings where we’ve come in and the water has been up to the docks. I believe there was a morning or two where it may have been over the tops,” said city clerk Travis Sullivan.

The city is concerned that the splashing and overflowing water at the pier and the electricity used for the firework show would pose a risk of electric shock.

Officials say the pier is the only place in South Haven where they can safely and legally host the show. With no way to reduce the water levels, they’re considering canceling it altogether.

Local businesses say they’ve been looking forward to the event all year.

“It’s insanely busy, there is usually a line out the door,” said Kilwins assistant general manager Erin Powers.

Businesses say although it would not be ideal to cancel the fireworks completely, there could be a silver lining.

“Cancelling it is sad, but restaurants and stores will get the influx of people,” said Christine Baker with local boutique Crescent Moon. “I think the downtown stores will come together and stay open later because we won’t have a reason to close now.”

The city is expected to make a final decision on the July 3 firework show on Tuesday.