CASSOPOLIS, Mich. (WOOD) — A missing dog from Kentucky is now back with its owner after being found in southwest Michigan nearly three years later.

Cass County Animal Control officers received a call on Sept. 17 that a dog had been wandering in a neighborhood near the Indiana state line. They scanned her for a microchip and tracked down the owner, Venes Mosier.

“I was kind of shocked because I was like, ‘No way!’ because it’s been three years,” Mosier said.

She says her home was broken into before Christmas in 2017 during a hospital stay and someone took three dogs.

“They pretty much wiped me out, literally. I came home to a sofa and a few kitchen items,” Mosier said.

One dog is still missing, one was found in Illinois a year later and she had practically given up hope that Callie would be returned until hearing the news from Michigan.

“I was bouncing off the walls. I was in tears. I was excited,” Mosier said.

Mosier has an autoimmune disease and must spend a lot of time at home. She helps train rescue dogs for local veterans.

Ronald Butts, director of Cass County Animal Control, says they were grateful to reunite the dog after such a long time apart.

“I have been in the department for over 25 years now. This is a first,” Butts said.

Animal control officers say they do not know how Callie got to Michigan.

“She was in great condition, and obviously somebody had been taking care of her,” Butts said.

A group called the Many Paws Volunteer Transport Team brought the dog at no cost back home to Kentucky.

Mosier wants to encourage people to microchip their pets and says she is grateful for everyone who made the reunion possible.

“They really gave her a lot of love and attention, and I really am thankful for those guys,” Mosier said.