GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Sources close to the investigation have confirmed the identities of three Grand Rapids officers who were suspended in connection to an alcohol-related crash involving an ex-assistant prosecutor.

Sgt. Thomas Warwick, Lt. Matthew Janiskee and Officer Adam Ickes are the officers who have been suspended without pay, pending a termination hearing, according to three reputable sources.

The officers were at the center of an internal investigation and an investigation by Michigan State Police after former Assistant Prosecutor Josh Kuiper crashed his car into a parked vehicle on Union Avenue SE around 12:30 a.m. on Nov. 19. Car owner Daniel Empson was injured in the wrong-way head-on crash and is now suing Kuiper, who has since resigned from the prosecutor’s office.

A Grand Rapids officer called to the crash interviewed Kuiper and gave him a field sobriety test. Police reports indicated alcohol was a factor in the accident, but the officer also wrote that Kuiper “was able to perform well” on the field sobriety test. The officer did not give Kuiper a breathalyzer test, but ticketed the assistant prosecutor for driving the wrong way on a one-way street.

Lt. Janiskee’s wife, Monica, was an assistant prosecutor at the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office at the time of the crash. She was promoted to chief assistant prosecutor when Chris Becker took the office’s top post.

Kent County Prosecutor Becker says Monica Janiskee did not play a role in how the crash was handled.

“She did not know about it until the next day, nor did I. Bill (Forsyth) didn’t find out about it (the crash) until Sunday. So nobody in this office was part of what took place that night,” Becker told 24 Hour News 8 Monday.

Lt. Janiskee served as the negotiator during the July 2011 standoff with Rodrick Dantzler, who killed seven people before taking two strangers hostage in their home before Dantzler killed himself.

Sgt. Warwick was the officer who arrested a suspected bank robber in downtown Grand Rapids. The alleged thief crossed Warwick’s path during a routine trip to drop off paperwork at the courthouse in May.

Ickes was the officer who invited a 5-year-old boy with a battery-powered police car into his cruiser to experience the real thing. The heartwarming story from May was shared on Facebook nearly 1,000 times.

The Grand Rapids Police Department announced actions against the three officers Saturday, but did not disclose their names. The officer, sergeant and lieutenant were previously on administrative leave during the investigation.

Grand Rapids Police Chief David Rahinsky told 24 Hour News 8 he has submitted his recommendation for the officers, but would not disclose what that recommendation was. He declined to comment further on the case at this time.

There currently is no scheduled date for the termination hearings.