LANSING, Mich. (AP/WOOD) — Gov. Rick Snyder plans to go on his first trade mission since the lead-contaminated water crisis exploded in Flint.

He announced Friday a weeklong trip to Europe that will begin Saturday. His last overseas mission was in September, shortly before his administration confirmed that improperly treated pipes had leached lead into the water supply and caused elevated lead levels in some children.

Snyder will visit Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands. He will attend the world’s largest industrial technology trade air in Hannover, Germany.

Snyder says investment trips have opened doors with foreign business leaders, resulting in jobs for Michigan.

On Monday, Snyder said he would drink Flint water at home and at work for at least a month to show it is safe with the use of a filter.

Anna Heaton, press secretary for Snyder, said in a statement Friday that the governor won’t be able to take Flint water with him on overseas flight.

“[Snyder] will be drinking Flint water, though not consecutively, for at least 30 days, in a continued effort to assure the residents of Flint that filtered water is safe to consume,” Heaton said in the Friday statement.

After declaring an emergency in Flint in January, Snyder gradually has been increasing his events in other parts of Michigan.