GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (WOOD) — Sen. Debbie Stabenow visited Grand Haven State Park Monday to join the “All Hands On Deck” push to protect the Great Lakes.

Stabenow helped launch the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative in 2010, which she says is now being threatened.

“Right now with the new administration, they’ve proposed eliminating the funding that we use to clean up the beaches and protect us from Asian carp and other invasive species. And for us this is really an all hands on deck moment to protect the Great Lakes,” she said.

Stabenow is encouraging voters to email or call their U.S. House and Senate members to share your stance on funding the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

“We can’t assume in this world that we live in today that the right thing is going to be done to protect the Great Lakes. We have to act. We have to do something,” said Stabenow.

Grand Haven was one of 64 communities in six states that held an All Hands On Deck event. Montague, Ludington and South Haven also hosted All Hands On Deck events.