GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD0 — Michigan Lt. Gov. Brian Calley made his run for governor official last week.

The Republican candidate said he is hoping to build on a strong foundation that has been laid for the future.

“We have in front of us an opportunity to build on a strong foundation that’s been laid,” he said. “For our kids, for your kids, for my kids (and) for our grandkids, we really owe it to them to keep this upward momentum going.”

Another man interested in being the state’s chief executive is Libertarian Bill Gelineau, who said the two major parties have a hard time trying to pigeonhole Libertarians.

“Democrats like to characterize Libertarians as sort of the radical Republicans, but of course not a lot of Republicans are for the legalization of marijuana or a lot of the other social tolerance issues such as marriage equality and other things,” he said.

Gelineau said Republicans like to characterize Libertarians as radical Democrats because of the social views and ideas on income taxes.

On this Dec. 3, 2017 edition of “To The Point,” hear more from each of the candidates and why they decided to jump in the race for governor.