HOLLAND, Mich. (WOOD) — Since it was founded in 2014, Volta Power Systems has been focused on creating affordable energy solutions for vehicles owned by small to mid-sized businesses.

“You’ve probably seen electric batteries and heard about the (electric vehicle) movement,” Volta CTO Jack Johnson said. “What we’re doing is we’re using similar based technology, but building energy systems for (recreational vehicle) businesses, mostly (recreational vehicle), marine or specialty heavy equipment.”

The company is focused mainly on replacing generators. Usually, this comes at a high cost, but Volta builds energy storage kits to allow smaller businesses to electrify their vehicles at a much lower price. This means fire trucks, ambulances, recreational vehicles, and other service vehicles that spend the majority of their time idling can still operate without contributing to carbon emissions.

“We can basically micro-hybridize your van and make a better usable vehicle, save emissions, um, and make the whole experience better for your team.”

Johnson said he has seen people become more comfortable with the idea of advanced energy, realizing this type of technology can improve camping, off-grid living, and department operations.

“As people have become more acceptable that hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles will last and do have the capability, then now they can see that technology entering into other areas,” Johnson said. “Those barriers that were previously fear of the technology have broken down, allowing us to grow the technology, grow the business more and more, year over year.”

That growth landed them on the nomination list for top sustainable businesses in West Michigan this year.

“That was a true privilege. I mean just to be recognized that what we’re doing and people starting to realize it’s right here in West Michigan,” Johnson reflected, adding that he looks forward to continuing the passion of working to create solutions that are both economically and ecologically sustainable.