HOLLAND, Mich. (WOOD) — Holland’s Tulip Time Festival will have one less parade than normal next year.

The Street Scrubbing parade, typically held on Wednesday, will merge with the Muziek parade for a “big and bold” Quality Car Wash Volksparade on Saturday, Tulip Time announced Thursday.

All the traditions — scrubbing the streets, city officials inspecting with white gloves and the town crier announcing their approval — will remain in place and happen on May 14. West Michigan marching bands and community floats will follow the street scrubbing.

The parade will again be happening on 8th Street, with the street scrubbing ending at Kollen Park and the rest of the parade continuing on to Holland High School.

Gwen Auwerda, the executive director of Tulip Time, says the change comes after reevaluating the festival.

“We need to ramp back to where we have been prior to 2019,” she said. “The limited staff that we have, we felt that we really could to do two parades and do them well, combine the elements of both the Wednesday parade and Saturday parade into one.”

She said the change would also give more people the opportunity to participate in the street scrubbing.

“It’s going to be a great opportunity for the community to be more involved because Wednesday, so many people work, they were in school, their children were in school, so to be part of the street scrubbing was challenging,” Auwerda said. “Adding that to Saturday, I think makes just a lot of sense. People that we’ve spoken with already are excited about that opportunity.”

She said they don’t know if the change will be a permanent one.

The Gentex Kinderparade will happen on May 12.

The festival also announced the entertainment lineup for 2022. Elton Rohn – The Premier Elton John Tribute Show, The Texas Tenors and Fiddlefire – The Panning Family Band will all have performances during the festival.

Two new exhibitions from the Netherlands will also be part of Tulip Time 2022.

Zeeland Girl: Beyond Tradition, a photographic series by Rem van den Bosch, and Tulip Immersion Garden: The Journey of the Tulip, by Dutch horticulturist Ibo Gulsen, will be there for three weeks, Auwerda says.

“We’re really excited about these Dutch events. We’re a Dutch community and really partnering with some people in the Netherlands has been a dream of ours for a long time,” she said. “We’re excited to have two exhibits that have never been in the U.S. before.”

The festival will run from May 7 to May 15. More information can be found at TulipTime.com.